I first found out about “IT Crowd” in 2006, from another geek, very Moss (character alike). I played it too see what’s it all about, and it wasn’t just as regular “heh” or whatever, it was a definitely “LOL”. Even though I was dead tired, I had to stay up to see all episodes till the early morning next day.

So to put it simple, IT Crowd is something I was waiting my whole life for. Whole session one was available for download legally from Channel 4. I definitely suggest you get these episodes.

Session 2

Now it’s time to get things more interesting. Session 2 filming was scheduled for January/February 2007. While I waited for session 2, I googled, and found a lot of interesting comments, most of them how great this show was, and great number of posters from USA said that they wished they had this show in USA.

Want more interesting? January/February passed, no session 2. On IT Crowd official site, there’s different information such as “The shows will be recorded at Pinewood Studios on the following dates: Friday 30th March, Saturday 14th April and, Friday 20th April.”

That would all be great news, while on IMDB there’s different information, and that is that IT Crowd (2007) origin country has changed from UK to USA. And filming location has changed to Universal Studios, Universal City, California, USA.

If I was some big shot at “Universal Studios”, I’d immediately get/buy/steal/whatever from someone like “Channel 4”. Now you may hear a third version, and that is that this whole waiting period has been prolonged to March/April now?

My question is just why? Something has definitely happened in the meantime, I just have no idea what. My guess is that Universal Studios involved their hands in it, one way or another.

Some may think this is all ridiculous. Is it? What would be your thought on “Will & Grace” if you saw script before it was aired. It’s just plain sad that intellectual, influential, geek people have been put in same basked as gay people.

To sum it all up, I really don’t care, all I want to see is Moss and Roy, ok and Jen :) O’Reilly and OpenSource stickers, and surreal geek humor/reality.