“Smps”, guy I mentioned before actually is on Cebit (lucky bastard). Anyways, I’m just reading news, basically following it virtually. These are the most interesting news to me.

1. In next 3 years there’ll only be Blu-ray disks Frank Simonis says

I’ll really end up being fool if this really happens, but my opinion (as much as I fancy blu-ray) is … not gonna happen.

3 years, can actually be translated, debugged, used, whatever as a very broad term. What do I mean by this? First what do you consider by world? In Afghanistan it wont happen in next 50 years, same goes for a lot of Asian and African countries.

Ok, I wont play stupid, USA and Europe? Ok, but do you know how many people in USA are actually still on dial-up? A lot, they don’t know about better, and when they do know about better, they don’t want it, they don’t need it. Or they are just satisfied with what they have.

To be honest, I’d like to have blu-ray tray, but will I pay extra money to get it? And to pay really extra money for the disks? Not gonna happen. 4.3 GB is … ok, not enough? Get double-layer with 8.x GB.

Besides that all, I was in a computer store few hours ago (got myself Sams C++ VII Edition :), and I ask something about usb-sticks, and the lady says they have 4GB and 8GB ones, they are just out now, but they’ll be getting them in a day or two.

I’m definitely getting one, 60ish euros for 8GB one, 30ish for 4GB one. What o_O? Yep, get up and go get one right now.

2. Commodore is back! … kinda.

Who remembers commodore? That was using “datasette” heh that was really legendary thing :) Whole name/brand strategy is great, therefor Commodore is back www.commodoregaming.com, now they are not making computers, they are setting them up for gaming, for example their most powerful model is on quad duo, with 4GB of RAM, SATA disks, ASUS motherboard and Nvidia graphics.

Store opens mid-april, idea is great, only way to ruin it is with prices. Alienware … major headache is coming your way.

That would be news that were interesting to me on Cebit. Another interesting one that was released before Cebit is … after Apple released their iPhone, Prada (yes Italian fashion company) is releasing one too. It’ll be touchpadish just like Apple’s and bla bla.

That’s it for now.