It might be something called like … some kind of crisis or something. I was in a state, where I wanted to live in present day. Have groovy desktops, have the state of art package manager, get and upgrade and do to your package what you want. Of course I’m talking about Mandriva, and in all that there are things missing.

I’d just best describe it as if someone made a copy of you, he done all the make up, you’re suddenly grown up and etc … But there’s something missing, and that thing is called that’s really not you as you want yourself.

Just sitting there, and everything just working like that … I don’t know … so yea I snapped. Took Slackware 11 dvd, erased the whole disk and hey started installing it. Just 2-3 days after Slackware 11 came out, I was really disappointed, but disappointed is gone. Slackware 11 is really horrible. Maybe Patrick just thought, lets remind these guys what they really now about Linux.

My gf, even made a bet with me that I’ll go back on Mandriva, and yea she said that she wants me to install Mandriva on her new computer. See that’s kind of hard to explain, but in Mandriva, even tho it’s really beautiful, being in this good old plastik theme in Slackware, surrounded nothing by code is just like her looking at the cool beryl desktops.

Ok so what do I have now? Well of course, since Slackware loves you too, it wont let you go to sleep, so you’ll end up being up whole night, compiling kernel, remembering commands you’ve forgotten.

Maybe I’m just too tired and talking crap, but I really missed this beauty. For truly I dont know one distro that’s just stayed so true linux. Now you shut up, and go do math or reconfigure your kernel … if there’s nothing better to do, find someone to compile his kernel … MetalKitty you’re mine *-*