Adnan Hodzic

as part of my professional career I work as Lead SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) at ING’s DAP Public Cloud team. In this role I incorporate aspects of software engineering and apply them from infrastructural and operational perspective. My specialty and special interest are in infrastructure, kubernetes, linux, containers, cloud computing (and its migrations), deployments, resilience, automation, security, and et cetera.

As part of my private life I do more of work as I’m creator of many (popular) open source projects. Currently most of this time goes to my auto-cpufreq python app, which is an automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux with over 2000 stars on Github.

I’m an ex Debian GNU/Linux contributor, package maintainer (Java Team: Eclipse IDE, LXC, googleearth-package, etc …) and DebConf11 main organizer and team leader.

Besides this, I’m a stock exchange investor and crypto currency enthusiast and trader. On top of all of this, my biggest life’s project is raising my boys (toddler & baby).

I’m originally from Bosnia, lived in the United States (NYC area) and now live in Amsterdam.

Fun fact: I started my own web hosting company at age of 18.

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Last update: Feb, 2023