Firefox 2 came out yesterday. Just few days after IE7.

Firefox wants to go (obviously) cheast to cheast with IE. Ok, first thing you’ll notice is ugly IE look alike theme. Which is official default Firefox theme, and which is ugly. Most users will comments its look, or just stay or stick on it, before even thinking about what’s under the hood.

It’s also obvious to release it just in time when IE7 is out, why? I have no idea. Opera also announced that Opera 10 should be out when IE7 is out, that is it should be out in one of these days.

Why, again I have no idea.

Just one interesting point.
Firefox wants to go cheast to cheast with IE, ok, good, how? By looking and being crappy just like IE.
Opera is trying to go cheast to cheast with IE, ok, good, how? By looking and being as FireFox!

Something I hate the most is unstable software. Firefox is a new definition to it.


I’m on Mandriva 2007.0, official .rpm wasn’t out yet, so I downloaded the official tarball from Ok, really thanks for that awesome what does close button means hint, great!

Ok I went on with it, since I read most of the things what should Firefox2 be about, best and only thing I really like about it is, spell check. So ok I log in, into gmail to check and take the screenshot of FF2 doing it, and crash.

But hey, since FF2 tends to crash a lot, dont be sad, there’s a recovery thingy. Great, start new session, gmail, crash again. Repeat, crash again. Restore session, crash.

Since I’m pretty hooked on Firefox right now, I’ll stay on it. I removed Firefox2, went back on
I dont know what I’ll do once there’s a Mandriva .rpm for it.

I moved from Opera cuz it was just way going to be a Firefox, now I cant stand Firefox cuz it’s too much of an IE.

Prolly Konqueror is next, perefect browser, but way way slow, but who knows …