Firefox 2, predecessor?

Firefox 3 is coming out today. It’s been more some 1.5 years since I wrote Firefox 2 post. And about a year ago, since I wrote about my first real encounter with Firefox 3.

My stance on on Firefox 2 remains the same, that is I hate it, no personal reason or anything, from my posts linked above you can get to know my true feelings about it.


If it wasn’t for Firefox 2, I’d never even come close to Firefox 3. A month ago or so, I came to the point, where I couldn’t handle Firefox 2 and it crashing, so I was in hunt to change my browser or move to Firefox 3 which at that point was in early beta stage of development.

Browser “sphere”?

So what else was around? What was I aiming for? I’d like to move away from Firefox3 for a second and take a look at the “global” browser scene today.

Since I switched to Gnome for some 2 months now (I’ll talk about this in some post later) first choice was Epiphany. This browser is cool and all, but since it’s running on same engine Firefox is running (Gecko), have some order of it’s “features” but it’s all good once you get used to it, that is if you get used to it. I’d like to compare switching to this browser from Firefox is like switching from SeaMonkey to Firefox and then wanting to switch back to SeaMonkey. It’s highly likely that it just won’t happen.

Talking about Epiphany, why not mention Konqeuror, KDE’s equivalent to Gnome’s Epiphany. And since I’m in process of switching to Gnome after years and years of KDE, I believe I have a right to give a subject opinion. Even tho I don’t think KDE users will like this, and will call me a traitor :)

Of course starting of, I can’t go on but say that Konqueror is not just a “web browser”, it’s basically a ultimate GNU/Linux “transformer” tool, except that a lot has changed with its “status” in KDE 4.0. But let’s not talk about that now, cuz it’s just gonna take us away from current topic.

Konqueror was always a great browser, one of the few browsers that was going after standards all the way, in such speed that most web sites wouldn’t get to comply with those same standards. But besides being fairy sluggish there are two main reasons that prevented me from thinking of Konqueror for my primary web browser choice.

And those two main reason are it’s browsing speed and it’s ability to display web sites properly even tho I followed all the standards to the fullest. But, disregarding ability to display pages properly, it was just … really slow, incredibly slow. There was even a test on Abshost (RIP) forums, and Konqueror finished absolutely last when it comes to browsing speed.

But ok, what about Konqueror as web browser in KDE 4? Well thanks to qt4 it’s not sluggish anymore, also it’s browsing speed has improved (incredibly) but it crashes, and it’s basically unusable (I’m talking about situation in KDE 4.0.x).


So the thing with Konqueror, it’s great and all, but were just never able to use it for straight 24hrs without firing up Firefox or some other browser to view certain web page properly.

Opera. My relationship with this browser dates to the time of Netscape as it is for Firefox now. In recent times build on qt3 (still is latest 9.5 is still qt3) but unlike Konqueror it’s fast. Second, Opera in my opinion is the fastest web browser (browsing speed), it’s just incredible. Opera will have so many features built in (like Firefox with additional 10 addons), won’t be bloated … but.

As everything in this world, nothing can remain absolutely static for whole eternity. To keep story short, simply put they messedup up, their code started going to hell and they sold their soul to the devil, if you wanna know what happened in details, ask me and I’ll let you know.

Opera = null respect.

There’s just so much more browsers worth mentioning, but I’m afraid this story will never end if I continue the way I started :) If you’re looking for the best, you’ll end up on Firefox and that’s end of story.

Firefox 3

So as I mentioned above, my first encounter with Firefox 3 was soon after 2.0 was released. But that was basically a preview, I saw 3.0 was expecting great future and went on with with my torment on 2.x.

Until as I said till recently. I first “officially” moved on 3.0 but I got my package out of Debian experimental respiratory at the time so … I really didn’t enjoy it that much. Later on I switched to 3.0 completely once it appeared in Debian unstable resp. Yea, it’s still in unstable resp :)


Put in one word, Firefox 3 is … awesome. It’s hard to pick out features I like the best, when there’s ~15.000 improvements :) But one of the things I like the best is that it’s light! It’s fast! Firing up Firefox 3 with few tabs already opened within it will take 2 seconds. Switching between tabs is absolutely instant! It’s weight with 5-6 open pages/tabs will be equal to 1 tab on 2.x, meaning its taking absolutely minimum on your memory.

It’s really incredible, it’s like you’re using some completely different browser then 2.x. It also went through some designer touches as well. On 2.x I use Tango for my theme, on 3.x there was no support for Tango, but it was Tango look by default :) Also when viewing sites, boxes and checkboxes and etc, have gotten a great nice touch to them, they are round and just so slick to the point they are absolutely sexy.

When it comes to security also, it’s absolutely secure, I tried to give some input to Firefox 3 security as well, we’ll talk about this later on ;) Also, through all this 3.x usage it haven’t crashed once, so it’s really incredibly stable. Also I love the way the passwords are handled in 3.x, also you won’t have to click on your decision whether you want it to remember your password right away or later. Now you’ll be able to make that decision after you have loaded the page you were trying to get access to.

To really note all the great stuff from Firefox, I just advise you to either go to wikipedia (to read all about it), or just get the it by yourself :)

Even tho I’m greatly disappointed with the whole situation of getting the Firefox 3. Of course I understand they have site problems, but what makes me really sad is that they are trying to set up a Guinness world record for software that was most downloaded in single day. Why sad? Well how are you gonna set up the record if on such important day you’re having site problems.

So GetFirefox, SpreadFirefox and Firefox being down or just unavailable or whatever, and you not being able to get Firefox 3 … I tried to give my humble support by providing direct download links, so you get both, you get Firefox 3 + you count for the world record :)

Firefox 3 Linux

Firefox 3 MacOSX

Firefox 3 Windows


And for those who might want to what was my “contribution” to Firefox 3. Well since I started massively shopping online, and phising being so popular and you being tired, one night I just got on this idea.

One lonely night on #firefox on

Dec 10 21:57:36 <AbsintheSyringe> what’s the fastest and easiest way to propose a new feature request/suggestion?
Dec 10 21:58:05 <johnm> end: go to about:config and tell me the value of general.useragent.locale
Dec 10 21:58:20 <kbrosnan> AbsintheSyringe: start by asking here
Dec 10 21:59:46 * mirs has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox])
Dec 10 21:59:57 <AbsintheSyringe> kbrosnan, you know how address bar turns yellow once you’re on secured page, so I just wondered if some certain pages could be “verified” by google or mozilla itself, and if they are trusted sites, or just simply good pages, completely *thumbs up for shopping or something like that, a “check” sing should appear somewhere in the address bar
Dec 10 22:00:29 * joduinn_ ( has joined #firefox
Dec 10 22:00:40 <AbsintheSyringe> if that same page is know to be untrusted, then red X should appear, if page is just unknown if it’s good or bad for shopping or whatever then ? should just pop out
Dec 10 22:00:42 <kbrosnan> ev ssl certs are attempting to take care of that issue
Dec 10 22:01:00 <end> johnm: sorry – don’t know how to rach about:config
Dec 10 22:01:26 * Coltrain has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox 3.0b2pre/2007121010])
Dec 10 22:01:27 <AbsintheSyringe> yea, but lets say, a “malicious” page can just get ssl cert, but I’m saying about pages like paypal, if it’s all ok, then “check” sign should pop out or something
Dec 10 22:01:42 <AbsintheSyringe> or at least, instead of just address bar turning yellow, it should turn green or something
Dec 10 22:02:08 <Redhat71> almost sounds racialist…………
Dec 10 22:02:31 * dveditz ( has joined #firefox
Dec 10 22:02:41 * joduinn has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 10 22:02:44 <johnm> end: type about:config into the address bar and hit enter
Dec 10 22:02:48 * joduinn_ is now known as joduinn
Dec 10 22:02:59 * dietrich has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Dec 10 22:03:01 <kbrosnan> AbsintheSyringe: that puts mozilla in a sticky position saying what is good in the web, ?
Dec 10 22:03:05 <Mossop> AbsintheSyringe: Yes that is what ev certs are about really, far more verification is required than standard ssl, and the address bar does indeed go green!
Dec 10 22:03:25 * dietrich ( has joined #firefox
Dec 10 22:04:22 * Ryan_Yo ( has joined #firefox
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Dec 10 22:04:38 * dholbert ( has joined #firefox
Dec 10 22:04:47 <end> johnm: en-us
Dec 10 22:04:54 <Ryan_Yo> Can anyone tell me how to reset any changes I have made in the “about:config” menu to their default settings?
Dec 10 22:05:09 <johnm> Ryan_Yo: right click them and select reset
Dec 10 22:05:10 <kbrosnan> Ryan_Yo: right click choose default
Dec 10 22:05:18 <johnm> or…that
Dec 10 22:05:22 <AbsintheSyringe> kbrosnan, no I meant more about sites, which are known that they won’t screw you, let’s say if you’re address bar has a check sign or it’s green while on amazon or ebay or paypal, then you’re on the right spot, you’re not lets say on some phising site or something
Dec 10 22:05:34 <AbsintheSyringe> I’m affraid I didn’t express what I wanted to say the right way
Dec 10 22:05:34 <Ryan_Yo> oh ok, thanks.
Dec 10 22:05:57 <johnm> AbsintheSyringe: that’s kind of how FF3 will be
Dec 10 22:06:07 <kbrosnan> AbsintheSyringe: then that is coverd by the google phishing detection in firefox 2, and malware protection in fx 3
Dec 10 22:06:34 <AbsintheSyringe> johnm, kbrosnan how can I get the latest FF3 svn/cvn whatever you guys are using?
Dec 10 22:06:50 <johnm> firebot google latest nightly
Dec 10 22:06:52 <firebot> johnm: Index of /pub/ —
Dec 10 22:06:59 <johnm> you might want the beta though
Dec 10 22:07:10 <kbrosnan> beta 2 will be out in 10 or so days too
Dec 10 22:07:46 <Ryan_Yo> is there a timeframe on when firefox 3 will be out of beta?
Dec 10 22:08:14 <johnm> Ryan_Yo: probably next year
Dec 10 22:08:15 <AbsintheSyringe> kbrosnan, you think I should wait for beta2 then instead?
Dec 10 22:08:23 <Ryan_Yo> oh ok
Dec 10 22:09:14 <Redhat71> AbsintheSyringe: what if whatever that decides “which are known that they won’t screw you” decides to screw you?
Dec 10 22:09:26 * Ryan_Yo has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox])
Dec 10 22:10:06 <AbsintheSyringe> Redhat71, well I’m saying that part should be left for Google/Mozilla to decide what’s good or not, in the end you’re the one making decisions for youself, not that company, that is just there to make it easier for the end user, IMO
Dec 10 22:10:17 <end> johnm: General.useragent.locale =en-us
Dec 10 22:10:39 <johnm> end: yea I’m not sure what your problem is then if help is in spanish
Dec 10 22:12:03 <firebot> set the Resolution field on bug 407236 to DUPLICATE of bug 401582.
Dec 10 22:12:04 <firebot> Bug nor, –, —,, RESO DUPLICATE, Downloads getting stuck in download manager
Dec 10 22:12:05 <firebot> Bug min, –, Firefox 3 M10,, NEW, Download Manager stuck scanning for viruses
Dec 10 22:12:25 <Redhat71> as much as i like google & mozilla, i don’t think good or bad should be decided by them or any “big shot”
Dec 10 22:12:46 <end> johnm: could it be related to my server being inMexico? If so is there any way to get it switched over to english?
Dec 10 22:13:53 <Redhat71> and even if those *good* won’t screw you, what makes you think they can’t be hacked to screw you?
Dec 10 22:14:05 <Redhat71> s/good/good sites/
Dec 10 22:14:09 <johnm> end: what is the value of intl.accept_languages ?
Dec 10 22:14:28 Redhat71 ReDWinD Remaille Remco RetLaw Rev_Backspace
Dec 10 22:14:41 <AbsintheSyringe> Redhat71, I don’t know man, right now it was just a rough idea I had …
Dec 10 22:15:08 <Redhat71> once people get used to think something like red is bad & green is good, they tend to trust that blindly……..

Anyways, talk goes on, on few occasions as well, so I may not be “responsible” for this, but I’d like to think so, cuz in the end same thing I was talking about is actually in Firefox 3 :)