It’s been for awhile now, and I see a lot of people still just skipping on videos when they see it wants a media player or quick time. Yes now it’s all in flash and all that, but it’s still really useful to see that streaming video.

Others still fire up Konqueror, and view their video there. And to be honest, I really dont know why it loads in Konqueror, and not in Firefox, especially if Konqueror keeps on looking to load plugins that Firefox is loading … cuz it loads app. depending on what extensions that app. requires? Whatever.

My Firefox would constantly fire up Totem. Regardless of what it would fire up, I just simply want it to fire up in Kaffeine. So basically this is what you have to do.

Download kaffeine-mozilla, then it’s really important how you compile it. On most systems your Firefox plugins are in ~/.mozilla/plugins/, so you have to do this:

./configure –prefix=~/.mozilla/

Make sure you dont do …/.mozilla/plugin, since it’ll create a dir inside of existing /plugins …

Of course I’ll assume, that you already installed all the codecs … there now it’s just as MacOSx and Windows … no dont be lazy :)