First of all, thank you for all your comments/feedback on previous Start! entries.

What kept me busy for last ~25hrs (literally) was making Start! to be properly rendered in all of the browsers and resolutions except IE of course. In the end, I ended up writing the whole thing from scratch, 709 lines which also passed W3 Validator, pretty sweet :)

Whole thing is a combination of html + css + php + javascript; it’ll work fine even if you have JavaScript disabled, but for “full experience” I recommend you got it enabled. It works/renders properly in pretty much every browser (links, Iceweasel/Firefox, Epiphany, Konqueror, Opera, Chrome) except IE (surprisingly 4.15% of Start! users use IE).

Either way, now that we have the “rendering” problem solved, what you can expect from next version is “options” dialog, with hopefully interesting options :) After that, possible multilingual support (if required) and that should round up to the final v1.0 :)

Comments of any kind as always are welcome :D