If you google that same line, you’ll get tons of users with same problem. On other machines I didnt even have to use burning group (and be part of it).

I automatically linked this problem with my libata problem. First it was way of too weird that I could only burn properly as root, but as user nope. Previous time I had Slackware installed, I just tried chmod-ing and chown-ing cdrecord cdroa and growisofs. Later on this led to complete desaster as expected.

This time I tried to take a different approach, to use burning group, and to put myself in it.

groupadd burningusermod -G burning absinthe

Yay, I only thought I solved it, because when I would launch K3b it wouldnt throw cdrecord, cdroa, and growisofs problems into my face. But I was wrong, of course I found that out once I tried burning/erasing disc.

I mean burning stuff as root is not that big of a deal, but is just lame IMO. Then I did some reading (: What I found was very useful, I read many interesting things regarding K3b, 2.4 and 2.6 kernel, and cdrecord, cdroa and growisofs. Then it was time to read (changelogs) why did K3b go from 0.12.17 to 1.0.

And then I came up with a solution :) I’ll put it very simple, that whole K3b had to be used as root to burn, was a k3b problem, not your problem. And get the latest K3b, I got K3b RC6 and you’ll need latest (not below 7.0) “dvd+rw-tools”, since growisofs is just obsolete, at least on my system. And you can pass without them if you want to have more erase/burning problems with your DVD’s.

After analyzed the system no problems :)

Slackware dvd+rw-tools-7.0 Download
Slackware K3b 1.0rc6 Download