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If you’re not a metalhead, skip this without even having a second thought.

I heard about Chimaira back in some ~2003. I said, they’re ok, and moved on; later on however, with their third album I was pretty amazed, I was eagerly expecting their new album (4th) until yesterday when my opinion kinda changed.

Less then a month ago, I commented on of the release date of the new album on Chimaira’s website, then when I was about to post a comment, there was no any kind of notification in case you wanna get a reply on your comment or something.

Since I actually saw their whole site was powered by WordPress, I said well why not give it a try and help these guys, not for the money or fame or honeys (heh); but just help them out, make their web a better place to be at. 30 sec of “forensics” and I was writing email to their “technical guy”, webmaster eh?

   Technical Contact:
      Inc., Chimaira 
      PO Box 360282
      Strongsville, OH 44136
      NO PHONE fax: NO FAX

So, I decide to write a nice little email to this same “technical person”, with my intentions as I mentioned them above ^, but really just showing my respect and my way of supporting the same band. Here’s the “carbon copy” of that same email.

from:       Adnan Hodzic <>

date:        Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 12:36 AM

subject:    Chimaira website, need help?

I’ve just posted a comment on and I
can’t go by but say that there’s isn’t option to let be notified by
email if you get a response to your message, instead of refreshing the
same very page hoping someone replied.

I’m a big Chimaira fan, and I’m working on a thing which I call
“IcePress” which is basically a WordPress fork
( I’d be willing to help as a sign of
good faith or whatever you wanna call it :)

And this isn’t spam, I’m really not trying to sell anytime, I just
wanna give my contribution to the band I like ;)
Talk to the guys and let me know if you wanna do something.

Regards from Bosnia,


I never got any replies or anything, until last night, when I got this nice reply from Youtube in their name; this was my second most viewed video (~27.000 views), after they first removed “It Crowd Soccer” (~500.000 views)

Now, that’s all fine, I guess some people don’t want cut scenes from their show to be shown on them internet. But after after my  “sign of good will” attempt with Chimaira. When I first saw this, actual expression on my face was … o_O?

So, I didn’t want to lose my views and comments, so I tried this new option “AudioSwap”, which is basically … it’s nonsense. All of this is a charade, so I just removed the video. Changed my music to what I want it to be (Bolt Thrower), not what you’re allowing me to let my music to be. And whoever at Youtube got on this idea of AudioSwap is definitely brilliant, if for anything then it’s for them having even less work to do.

Closing statement is this, it most definitely wasn’t band members who forced the video to be removed from Youtube due to copyright “infringement” (I who was the author, but no I didn’t even get a warning), but it is those band members who make such decisions. I swear, I believe that not even KoRn would do this. But, after me wanting to help you, and I got your attention and you remove my video … there’s only two words for you and it’s not fsck you …

So thank you Chimaira, you know they have expression for your name here in Bosnia, it’s “Chmaria”, “chmar” in Bosnia is another name for an anus just so you know. But thank you, you really told me why not to mess with the “best”.

Now thanks to you, there’s Linux / Unix sex v2.0, I may have lost views and comments, but I haven’t lost my dignity. Enjoy v2.0 folks :)

I really can’t wait for the moment when Bolt Thrower comes complaining about copyright “infringement” :D