DebConf7 ended a week ago or something, and yes I needed this long to … just “compile” it so eventually at least something comes out of all of this. Number of pictures is just … there’s too many so I’ll just put the most significant ones (the ones I thought are the most significant). I’ll put gomze’s pictures, even tho wherever I looked he didn’t put my pictures. You hear that you arse! >_<> because on that day there was a direct filght from Pula to Edinburgh.

From 7am … approximately 10hours in bus to get to Pula, from Pula to Edinburgh somewhat less then 3hours. I told gomez right back in Tuzla, that I was a major jinx, but I really didn’t expect it to go that far :)

And off we go, I kept on drinking apple juice, from all the hangover from last night, good think that happened is that I realize that bus toilet was closed cuz it was broken or something. So every time bus would stop to pick more people or whatever I was the lunatic running around looking for bathroom. However over time I got better, that’s the time when whole bus is listening to my story and laughing their asses out.

gomez was of course making new female friends in the mean time :)

After Zagreb it’s a different story, I wake gomez up, telling him that bus is extremely slow. Or it was broken or it was time for new break. Yea, it was broken we stopped at this resort or whatever. As soon as we stopped I get glued to this Lamborghini, I only saw this kind in “Need for Speed Most Wanted”

Underneath the bus was all covered with antifreeze, bus engine was completely fscked up. Bus drivers say we can’t fix this, new bus is coming from Zagreb. Kernel panic! No way out, we had to stop somebody to take us down to Pula! We were already late, we had some 45mins to lose and we lost much more!

First, look for a ride, Bosnian license plates, good. No luck, anybody, whether Czech or German, it didn’t anymore. And then out of sudden I was waiting for a new load of bus and trucks, gomez wents “Dude, I found us a ride” “Really? What, where??”

Then I go “Where did you find those two?”

One guy, shaved head, tattoos up to his elbows, big cut on his throat. His friend was in sox and his pants, no shirt. He was the crazy one. They weren’t big or anything, but I seriously expected for them to stop, to pull out a knife or a gun and go “please kick our ass and stab us to death and take everything we got” :)

Ok let’s try talking to these guys or something, where are guys from? Pula. That’s good, what are you doing here in middle of nowhere? “We were in Zagreb last night, Thompson concert.” And this is when I got my real kernel panic. Gomez pulls out, talking crap and ending upon a story that’s something like yea everybody has a choice or whatever. Skills :)

Nailed, I know band named “Nailed” from Pula … offtopic completely, but the crazy guy says his friend is a drummer or something. At this point I knew we were safe, but still a nice dosage of anticipation was still there.

Ok but I have to go with their story too. They were in Zagreb last night, Thompson concert, they lost their friend there, so their friend was still somewhere in Zagreb, they couldn’t find him. Their car broke at “Sljeme” they were pushing it for some 500meters, uphill :) No one wanted to help them. And then on their way back home, they bump into us. Crazy isn’t it?

We both agreed that this wasn’t even a Tarantino scenario. They kept asking us if we wanted to have some beer with them, while kept explaining them we have a plain to catch, also not to forget that even tho guy was driving like a psycho, I kept thinking we’re gonna be late.

Guys took us right on the airport, we got out, shook our hands, no names, no nothing, just thank you. If it wasn’t for these guys, this summary would end right here.

Plane was late for one hour, so rest of our stay on airport we spent with “IT Crowd” and some of “300”. Still really not believing we were there. Flight was less somewhat less then 3hours, and we were there.

Cold :) And I couldn’t believe sapphire would wait for us there, cuz we were late and all, but guy kept his word, so respeK ;) We wanted to tell him the story of how we got here, instead he said “Not now, whatever happened, it’s just going to be way more crazy here”

While we were in the bus heading downtown Edinburgh, everything not only seemed as a new country, but as a whole new world. Edinburgh was crazy, homeless people are our age, and they are junkies. People all over the place and streets, we just went by it bar called “Opium”, we finally reached our hostel.

Before I forget, that’s when that whole euphoria hit me, it hit me once we got out of the bus, and it wouldn’t stop. Ok now, we traveled for … 13-15hours? What’s next? Go to bed o_O? No fscking way :)

Instead we hit it to night venue hacklab, it was already closing cuz it was somewhat 3-4AM, so the main admin … Steve from US :) … left us the AP, so we could go on fscking around. I knew it’s gonna happened but it was the first night and yes I was getting Debian on my machine :)

Heh, we stayed up till 8-9AM, moving from etch to sid, from sid to lenny, from sid … I don’t even know what the hell was sapphire doing, but he was doing something :) Whatever and whenever I said “well on slackware …” sapphire would pin us down for a nice hour or so to show me that can be done on Debian too :)

At 9 or something, we went to pass out. First two or three days, I was still under that same euphoria or whatever it was, I kept losing myself, seriously I wasn’t all myself. And I don’t how would I be, where Mark Shuttleworth walks by you just like that :) Ok this is how it was, few hostels, all near by were populated by Debain developers, we had this whole “Teviot” building to ourselves, in it, we had two hacklabs, and even tho they were always crowded, you’d never be left without a seat.

There was restaurant, bar, bathrooms, cafeteria, yea we had it all. Everyone had a DebConf7 tag on themselves, people from around the world. There was no strict time when you have to get up or anything, just get up whenever you want. Only “time frame” we had to respect was launch and dinner. First 7 days, before we got there, a lot of work was done to set it all up, do this and that, but the time frame in which we got there … if you didn’t want to, you seriously could do nothing at all. Just sit in the hacklab chat, write code, listen to speeches do whatever you want.

While you were in the hacklab you would just hear someone asking you if you want to pick up some stuff, from google notebooks, to O’Reilly books, or linux magazine, this and that.

In hostel it was really cool, chill out room was great, but again hacklab1/2 is great too :) That Teviout building would close around 11-12, and then it’s time when you move to night venue hacklab :)

And for all the fools, Ubuntu is better then Slackware and vice versa … no one cares about that. We’re there for same reason, no one, it’s Linux, stop with that talk for once and all! There was a quite a number of different distro developers on DebConf and no one said anything to them, why would they?

There are just too many things to say, so I’ll just let pictures talk for me, this was my first DebConf, and I’ll surely be seeing more of them. What I saw here, regarding Linux, open source, linux, genius at work, everything, I seriously doubt you’ll see anywhere else in the world.

There’s no greater Linux conference then DebConf.

Gomez, Zenica fanboy by Tuzla powerplant :P

I just liked this one :)

Lamborghini :)

Lamborghini back


Our next Lamborghini

Relaxing with It Crowd



Installing Debian

8-9AM after night venue hacklab

Restaurant, just a part.

Entrance to Teviot building

Tag we had (should) to carry



Yea, in reality they really pronounce it “EdinbVrgh” not “EdinbUrgh”

Russian cigarrete, one from Saint Petersburg

Edinburgh at some 3 … 4 am

This picture refused to stay straight so tilt your heads please :)

Somewhere in Glasgow

Back to the roots

Hotel in a middle of Glasgow train station …

Hello, yes I was born in IBM :)

Me and Clown (Russian)

Ferry to Rothesay

Rothesay Castle

Castle prison :)

Common geeks

This is interesting. Eddy Petrisor, see this name on a mailing list, said world is small but it can’t be this small. Turns up it was Eddy I knew back from the Wormux project :D

Geeks in a cafe

Hackers of world unite …. Spain, Isreal, Romania, Bosnia …

What does your computer box looks like? :)


Edinburgh Airport … blue screen of death :D

Group photo (got my kilt too late :/), I’m way back

^ This is a video definetely worth seeing, a got most of the Teviot building. If you want to see more just search “DebConf7” on Youtube.
And now if all this wasn’t enough …

“DebConf 7, Edinburgh 2007. Greetings from Mark to ULK BiH! Debian + Ubuntu”

Mark Shuttleworth

Compability issues back in Tuzla :)

Btw, Slackware 12.0 is out, so expect something from my mouth about that one ;)


P.S: I didn’t pay any attention on my grammar or what the fsck I was saying, no time, but I promised this post would be final today so … and btw as I did it for two days Blogger ate half of my post so … it was really tiring to tell the same story over and over again, I hope you enjoyed it :)