This morning I was drinking my coffee, with a weird feeling surrounding me, simply put I didn’t want to do any C++ or anything, all I wanted to is just … chill out.

I hear someone on the intercom, I first thought that my OpenSolaris has arrived, I leave package on the table and wanted to head to my “testing” notebook, but then I stopped, wondering why is package so … big … after all it’s OpenSolaris :)

Then I ripped open a package, and then out of sudden I see a t-shirt, so I go off saying that I got my package from M80 and Sony Ericsson. I thought I got a shirt, and speakers, but as I keep pulling the stuff out, Sony Ericsson W810 phone package fell out! As well as the speakers. Just to note phone came in its full “environment” from manuals, to headphones to memory card and all.

Content of everything that was inside of a package

Best feature about this whole package is definitely speakers, Sony has went beyond everything with this product.
Size? Sony really proved that famous line: “Size does not matter”

These speakers can easily match their 5inch (10cm) bigger cousins, and are definitely reaching the pitch of ~100-120W. Sound quality … I’m really trying to find a right comment but I cant. Street language … mad good :)

New always looks good

Also to note that speakers casing is very handy, maybe bit complicated to understand in the beginning, but very handy, and I’ll be wearing them everywhere I go, inside of my pocket (literally).

Optical illusion, I’m actually very happy (:

Well, I’d really like to thank M80 and Nico, and Sony Ericsson for making this wonderful thing. You guys really made me happy after awhile. No matter if you have something, putting my hands on new gadgets is always fun.

Off topic: I’m thinking of giving my old phone to my gf, but not quite sure, since yesterday I figured I want to visit Edinburgh, Scotland for DebConf7 … so I’d really need any extra money for the trip, but I really don’t know what would bring me more joy.

Her face, or my face(?) …