Yesterday, I got DebConf7 “For Immigration purposes”, a letter that I’ll be using when in UK embassy in order to get my visa for Edinburgh.

“Dear Adnan Hodzic,

We are delighted to accept your registration for this year’s Debian Project Developers Conference, Debconf7. The conference will be held at Teviot Row House, Bristo Place, Edinburgh EH8 9AL, from Sunday 10 June to Sunday 24 June 2007.

Debconf7 Limited will pay for your food and accommodation for the duration of the conference”

Below are my details, and below that is just explanation what Debian is and what DebConf is. Place itself looks very nice, but the major fun pictures will be posted once I was there :)

Besides that, yesterday I also got a call from RedBull’s representative (?), and she told me to come and pick up the package, package contains RedBulls and a rubber egg, so we can test it without breaking it.

Yesterday we did test our first parachute, and it works great, it may need some reconfiguration. Plan is to throw a ~40cm penguin, parachute should open, and once it lands from 15m, it should lay down vertically, once it has landed his belly should open and release the egg :)

Name of the team is “Phear the penguin”. So far me and my gf are in the team, and third member … I’ll decide who’ll be the third member of our team. And regarding my plan, hostess said that if I make it and everything goes according to the plan, I really have big chances of winning.

In other countries, winner got a trip to Amsterdam, second place got a full size of his body of RedBull, and third got half of his size in RedBull. Here in Bosnia it may different :) More details on RedBull Gravity Challenge.

So most of the time I spend on my PS2, and when on computer, trying to study, but it’s kinda hard to sit on my ass for long time. So I go back to bed and PS2 :)