For awhile now, I’ve been keeping a close eye on Sony Ericsson … everything pretty much was the same as W810. Yea there are differences, but here and there … It was mostly about the phone looks, hardware remained the same.

W810i is still a great phone, what bothers me about it, is it’s standard “keyboard” that is numbers :) I’m doing a lot of browsing, typing emails, forums bla bla.

So it really takes a lot of your time to type small a message. Second is that I can’t code :) And as far as I’m concerned coding on Symbian is possible. But I say no to Nokia … it’s just not my style :)

So really I was waiting for new P series, which I want for a longer period of time.

M series caught my attention, but immediately lost it when I saw there’s no camera on it. Yea all other aspects are fine, but IMO, any todays phone has to have a camera.

And just today it was new P series has been released!

Key features, and the things I know about the phone right now are the following:

  • Symbian 9.1 OS with UIQ 3 user interface
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 2.6″ 262K colors TFT touchscreen display
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus (maybe 5MP would be perfect, and prolly hit the price of the phone to the sky itself, so 3.2 is good)
  • Memory Stick Micro M2 memory card slot
  • UMTS, Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth, USB, Infrared (wi-fi and USB … ahh! :))
  • Secondary camera for video calls
  • Walkman-grade MP3 player and FM radio with RDS (Kick ass!)
  • Jog Dial navigation

I’ll definitely write a review once I get my hands on this beauty … so far I don’t think it’s gonna be soon. At this time, I can only guess what the price is gonna be, but I’m assuming around 1000+ euros. Heh, I might even write to Sony Ericsson/M80 a nice email to see if they are interested in sponsoring me with one of these beauties, just like it was the case with W810i.

Other then that I really have no clue, how I’m gonna get this piece, but I’ll get it somehow. I’d definitely want it before I leave for DebConf7, so I have something to show of on the conference :) And especially cuz of one the sponsors is Nokia.
Best way to get hated on DebConf? Slackware on your notebook + latest Sony Ericsson phone :)

Offtopic: I got my UK visa yesterday. Leaving for a DebConf7 on 17th June.

Note that even tho this phone is out, commercially it will be available sometime in Q3, 2007