Java Java Java …

Old, weird, kills on resources, hey but it “works on all platforms out of box!”

Here’s more, for Java to work you of course have to have their Java Runtime Environment, usually referred as j2re. So I go on Java site, download “Self-Extracting .rpm”, followed whole procedure, did get it extracted, but I didn’t get .rpm as it said I’ll get. Tried “urpmi -y java” found, j2re-gjc… which isn’t really fully compatible … So remove it.

Googling for “j2re mandriva” gives you absurd results and one of the best is definetely the first one “Mandriva Club: Installing Java” I took a look at and made a grin, they made it just look like as rocket science. Heh, I also Google upon one of the pages, where a guy said “How do I get root access” – I think that tells you to close the little x button :)
I asked on #mandriva on (even tho they are usually noobs, but thought they might know something), no one really had an idea and told me to follow the instructions on Java (which I did).

So this is of course not my first Java install, and since they are making it sucha hell, I did what I used to do on Slackware. That is:

Install instructions:

1. If you dont have root access forget about it.
2. Download “self-extracting file” not the RPM one.
3. su
4. mkdir /usr/java/
5. mv /path/to/selfextractingfile/ /usr/java/
6. ./jre-1_5_0_version-linux-i586.bin
7. Accept the agreement

You’re all done, no more, that would be all. I really think why does Mandriva crew does this. If they want to make it so easy (as it is), why do they complicate on easy stuff.

My browser plugin was included and all that. So … yea.