Price of bleeding edge? (update)

April 24, 2011

Since Debian is in GNOME3 transition period, after last dist-upgrade I lived on bare minimum of GNOME DE and its apps. basically all I had working right was Chromium and Terminal, instead of Rhythmbox I used mpg321, instead of Gedit it was Vim and so on, which is all fine except the fact it had me living in 2000 again.

It was all due to python-gtk2 version that was missing in Sid repositories. Furthermore, as I was unable to restart X and had my notebook on suspend after every login I had to retype my wifi passphrase due to a bug in gnome-keyring. I believe I did my part, reported the bugs and waited maintainers responsible for those packages to do something. But this “situation” went on for 8 days.

I remember the times when you couldn’t fire up X for weeks, but after those days Unstable has gained reputation that it’s not like that anymore, but after having a situation like this one, it makes me wonder.

Please, don’t take this the wrong way, I mean no harm but the ultimate question that is brought up here is … is this the price of bleeding edge?

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Debian CUT, a new rolling release?

March 18, 2011

This post is also available on/was written for OMG! Ubuntu

It looks like 2011 started well for Debian. The project won awards in two out of seven categories at the Linux New Media Awards 2011 (“Best Open Source Server Distribution” and “Outstanding Contribution to Open Source/Linux/Free Software”). Just recently declared Debian the most influential distribution ever, stating that “~63% of all distributions now being developed come ultimately from Debian.”

However, my intention for this article is not solely to praise Debian for its recent awards, but rather to focus on a new project, Debian CUT. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard about CUT; it seems most Debian community hasn’t either. Then again, maybe it’s because it is only labelled as unofficial/development so far.

A bit of history

One of the greatest criticisms of Debian is that its release cycles are too long. Debian stable release is seen as often as Ubuntu’s LTS release. As a server solution this doesn’t present a problem at all, it can even seen as a pro. However, for desktop use and for your average Joe who needs to have the latest software and is unable to get it, this may well present a problem. Of course he can always turn to backports to get what he needs but by the time you have finished reading this very sentence, Joe has already moved to Ubuntu.

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What’s the best Xperia X10 custom ROM?

February 27, 2011

Everybody hates Xperia

When I first got Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 it was running on Android Donut (1.6), my frustrations followed soon after mostly because it was greatly lagging with release of Android 2.1. Finally official 2.1 was released, but troubles didn’t stop there, because everybody was waiting for multi-touch support … I could go on like this for a very long time. However, to sum it up Sony has no plans of updating X10 anymore, they are releasing brand new phone (Arc) and they are hoping people will pay money to get it after X10 horrors. Even tho 2.1 isn’t that old, (31.4% of overall Android users is using it on it), Sony changed its UI to make it look better, but all they actually did is make it look pretty bad + made it abnormally slow.

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DebConf11 final and official dates

November 29, 2010
If you thought you saw this post already, you’re right, since this is our second time announcing official DebConf11 dates. First time announced dates can be found on: DebConf11 official dates – deprecated (Nov 29th update)


Official and Final DebConf11 dates in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina are:


DebCamp: 17 – 23 July 2011
DebConf: 24 – 30 July 2011

On behalf of whole DebConf11 team I would like to apologize to everybody who already organized and booked their vacation after initial announcement,  reasons why these dates were altered can be found on debconf-team discussion on “Let’s decide DebConf11 final dates“.


These dates will be announced on Debian website as official announcement as well.

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DebConf11 official dates – deprecated (Nov 29th update)

November 8, 2010

Even though we had approximate dates from very start, I would like to announce official dates when DebConf11 will be held in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

DebCamp: 25th – 31st July 2011

DebConf: 1st  – 7th August 2011


We encourage you to arrive one day earlier (24th July for DebCamp, and 31st July for DebConf), final departure date will be 8th August.

Vacation, it’s in our plans to talk to travel agencies, so for those who wanted vacation after DebConf11 as its participants can enjoy shores of Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece by discount prices.

We’re already looking forward your stay on Balkans! :)


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