Me, the mythbuster. Does our fat keep us warm or not?

January 26, 2008

Heh, this might be just a plain weird post.

I have a weird thing going on, which is when winter starts I really don’t start wearing jacket like others, I just switch to sweater or something. During this “research” I wore jacket, but I was convinced that it was fat that kept me warm. I couldn’t be stuck in puberty I’m 22 :)
So sometime last year (I think it was October or something), my gf who is a pharmacy student told me that our (human) fat and animal part is completely different, and that it serves different purposes. It’s a fact that animals are using it to stay warm and etc … So I tell her it’s all bullshit and that I’ll test their “fact”.

Of course this took months, I wasn’t really paying that much attention to it, but I was somewhat/somehow. Work/School helped me lose weight, so my weight/fat differed too.
Interesting enough, I, who always keeps being right, have to admit that after all this time am getting to a point, where … they are right! :)

How? Why?

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January 24, 2008

Just so it’s not conspicuous that I, am now even mentioning KDE after it’s major release 4.0
Even months, even a year before KDE 4 was supposed to be out, we were all hyped, from brainstorming to I don’t know what.

At some point, it was around when dolphin was out, talks started that new KDE is actually crap, that’s it’s not worth anything, bla bla. And then as the time went on, it got to the point where it was impossible, those who claimed they had KDE under their fingers were only saying the bads things. It got so bad, that at one point, it was around time Gnome 2.20 was released I reached to test out new Gnome. I was a sworn Gnome user, back in the day I used to swear in name of RedHat :)

Around this time, as far as I can remember betas were out, I tested every single beta, and I was … demolished. I couldn’t believe they could release something that buggy, that something that buggy could even be in beta. In meantime, I ditched Gnome :)
KDE4 RC’s were already out, basically the same story, and it went throughout RC’s.

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foolcontrol v1.0RC1

January 24, 2008

Am I on a right website? :)

Again, no sleep, hyperventilating, but I managed to release v1.0RC1!

About last look, I just said damit, it’s depressing, it’s too common, I gotta do something about.

Fired up kwrite and started writing template from the scratch, this time I figured two columns will be just fine, colors, bright yet easy on eyes. Of course in absinthish style :)

Yes, another great thing was bothering me, last template, and whole beta2 was completely fscked up in IE. Only 15% visitors of this site are IE users, but still, I’m very touchy when it comes to compatibility, and even tho that means IE not following the standards … But something had to be done. Right now, v1.0RC1 is working pretty much ok in all browsers, again being best optimized for Firefox.

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foolcontrol beta2

January 22, 2008

Ok, I’m on a computer for some ~15 hours now, to bring you guys beta2, It’s been just too much coding behind this all.

But let’s start from the beginning. Why the new looks? I knew I need another column, after adding that another column, I figured I need another one. So I simply said bye-bye.

Ok, to shorten it all up, just take a look around, two words, php and ajax, integrated/wrote contact page, request email page, fixed buggy email login page, impletemented a whole new upload/download system, and foolcontrol google ajax search (see bottom of page), implemented a whole new “ajax polling system“.

Before I go on, I’d just like to say that this upload/download system, this is not complete, soon enough I’ll let you guys upload files here too, I can’t be the only person that finds cool stuff :) Also I’m thinking of setting up separate members download section, but this will be for sometimes in future. Also I won’t post every new posts about new games, like “Top Mobile Games Download” and such, I’ll just post them in download section for you too check.

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January 19, 2008

Right now, I’m on a break when it comes to university, I’m actually trying to give myself as much break as I can. Even trying to stay away from computer. Not working any projects or anything, just chilling out.

I’m actually fixing some problem which I didn’t even figure out I had, until I got some time. Anyways, just today I found out a great game I want to share with you all.

Teewars kick ass :)

First, it gave me couple of laughs, second it works just fine on linux.
Very simple, (w)get
Extract it, get in and run it. In case you see “AbsintheSyringe” running around let me know ;)