Slackware is back on current.

Slackware in Slackware 11.0 release notes said that this was the most bleeding edge that was ever released. I say current looks like the most bleeding edge version.

To be honest, my heart is really pounding, for example I can’t believe Slackware is on xorg 7.2, same with latest KDE (same thing happened with Slackware 11.0). In one of the interviews Patrick was asked what does he thinks about Beryl, and putting Beryl into Slackware. He said if it proves stable why not. Beryl didnt really prove stable, but now you’re able to do Beryl without any problems.

What’s even better is that “If the luck o’ the Irish is with us, it’ll be a fairly short alpha/beta/rc period from here. Well, have fun!” … what is that new Slackware release coming out? :)

I dont know what to say except that I’m really amazed, of course until final comes out, it wont be so bleeding edge anymore, but so far … it kicks ass! :)

If you’re a slacker, or thinking about Slackware … definetely read the changelog:

Also K3B went 1.0 final today!
Download Slackware package from here.