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I was always interested in stocks and investing. While I wanted to get into trading for long time, I could never find that perfect moment. Until something called COVID-19 happened and started wreaking havoc around the globe. This also resulted in one the biggest market crashes in our history. Which meant certain stock were available at bargain price, which lead to massive rise of “retail investors” and me becoming one of them.

Trading platform/brokerage company I’ve settled with is Degiro. Which besides being Amsterdam based and having incredibly low fees also puts high focus on security. If you’re interested in opening Degiro account and earning 20€ credit, please follow this link.


After I bought/sold more then few stocks, it became tedious and hard to keep track of exact amount of money which was invested, or amount which was spent in fees. As each time I wanted to check one of these, I would need to export Degiro “Transactions” .xls file, open it with Microsoft Excel/LibreOffice Calc and then do the calculations myself.

Being someone who’s borderline allergic to working with Excel/LibreOffice Calc I created degiro-trading-tracker which analyzes exported .xls file without having to open it and does the calculations on my behalf.

Example output with dummy data

Thinking others could find it useful, I did what do with all my tools, I put it on GitHub as Open Source.

Happy hacking & if you found this useful, consider becoming my GitHub sponsor!