Social engineering and networking, exploited

January 27, 2009

This topic has been “looping” inside of my head since April, 2008. During DORCS/CLUC on one of the breaks between the lectures, few of us engaged into a pretty elaborative discussion regarding Social Engineering and the Internet itself.

Main points of the whole discussion was … do the kids, the users of those same “social engineering” sites actually realize that all their data remains stored on someones server, even after they have removed their account couple of years later, once they have figured what an ass they were; probably still are, just in different form.

How or has internet changed?

In beginning of mine “internet career” (late 90s) there was this merely dark but comforting place. To best describe it I’d like to use some of the words other then my own:

“Back in the old, dark days of the internet when men were men, women were men and children were FBI agents, no one cared what people thought of them.”

“RBX” on “Does Anyone Know A Website for Cool Bebo Profile Names?

Also the words from the article I once read are still carved inside of my head … “Kids say e-mail is, like, soooo dead

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Beer spill on X300

January 5, 2009

This is also my story with X300.

I have 4 notebooks at the moment, two are Toshiba other two are Thinkpads. I dreamed about X300, it just amazed me, and after I got it, paid loads of cash for it (I paid in cash) ~2400 euros, after I rejected the fact that I’ll get Windows with it, since I’m basically “pushing” towards Debian development, otherwise the “original” cost would be ~2500 euros.

I order it Genelec (official dealer), wait for it for less than 2 weeks, got it, paid full price in cash.

Now I get my X300, I’m amazed and all, first I notice one weird thing, battery is not as it “noted” everywhere else, every week it’s losing 5 minutes of its battery life, in the end I get with something as 2:45-40, please do take the fact that I compile my own kernel and that I optimize it to the maximum, but … that’s the story.

Tried many methods, “blank it” out to … whatever it didn’t help, but I had idea of getting a new battery and in the meantime 128GB SSD came out, so it was in my future plans, some day. Anyways, pretty much everything was great and I was actually considering of switching to Thinkpad for good.

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Chimaira / Linux sex v2.0

December 30, 2008

Latest video/post can be found here: Linux/Unix Sex tattoo

If you’re not a metalhead, skip this without even having a second thought.

I heard about Chimaira back in some ~2003. I said, they’re ok, and moved on; later on however, with their third album I was pretty amazed, I was eagerly expecting their new album (4th) until yesterday when my opinion kinda changed.

Less then a month ago, I commented on of the release date of the new album on Chimaira’s website, then when I was about to post a comment, there was no any kind of notification in case you wanna get a reply on your comment or something.

Since I actually saw their whole site was powered by WordPress, I said shit, why not give it a try and help these guys, not for the money or fame or honeys (heh); but just help them out, make their web a better place to be at. 30 sec of “forensics” and I was writing email to their “technical guy”, webmaster eh?

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Havoc linux distribution

December 28, 2008

Earlier this year, I talked a lot about making my own Linux distribution, Codename: peacenow (talk), then later on I even posted a Codename: peacenow | open design (ideas, possible design). I put the whole thing on one long “pause”. What happened in the meantime is … well among other things, I changed my “codename” … I even switched to Gnome after KDE4 being what it is.

I really don’t know how to explain this … so breathe with me. I personally see IT in following specters, Graphics/Design/Art, Programming, Networking. But just recently I was put in a position …

Fuck this, starting today, I’m actually starting the work on my own Linux distribution. In imperfect world, there’s no perfect linux distributions, they are all visions of various minds, but none of them suiting enough to fill every single void.

My whole life I’ve been “distro hopping”, but in a period of last two years, I changed soo many distributins that’s it’s just … I even managed to change 3 distros in 7 days. Yea, I even managed to get a nickname “distro whore” :)

Point being that I really believe that I can make something different. What I know right now is that it’ll definetely be based on Debian. In begining it may not even look any different then Debian itself, since I’m not even sure I’m forking it or anything … obvious will that it’ll be less stable (no it won’t be another Ubuntu), different name and different philosophy.

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