February 16, 2009

Foolcontrol has been down, that is … you’d actually see “Hello World” post and that’s about it, for last ~3 days.

I was actually making switching from one server to another, and I really thought there won’t be any disturbances (why oh why did I think that) and ended up with ~3 days downtime. Oh well, now it’s all fine, and if for anything I must apologize to all the people that are hosted under FoolControl :)

Nevertheless, what bothers me the most is that Debian 5 (lenny) was released in the meantime after 22 months of development, but I’ll make sure I blog all about it :)

Windows 7 is identical to KDE4?

February 7, 2009

Since everybody and everything keeps talking about Windows 7, here’s what I’ve got to say :)

I said it tons of times, that new Windows looks is identical to one if KDE4 (posts: Gnome vs KDE … after release of KDE 4 and KDE 4) Nevethless, these guys went a step further with this same thought, Is it Windows 7 or KDE 4?

Source: ZDNet Australia: Is it Windows 7 or KDE4?

Status of Live Linux today

February 2, 2009

Since, from time to time I use FoolControl as my best hate catalyst … well I’m gonna go ahead and hate one of the things I love the most.

Couple of years ago, I did one pretty unusual thing, my hdd died and I didn’t swap “my computers”, instead I actually powered it on without hdd using live linux distributions and used my usb stick to imitate my hard drive. Since it took awhile to get my new hdd, I went through many live linux distros and what I did is I tested their uptime :)

Now I thought I had these results recorded/stored somewhere, but sadly couldn’t find them. All I can remember is that among many I think Knoppix scored the best results and managed to stay up for 8 days. I disliked Knoppix back then and I still dislike it today, but I remember at the time I was “full time” Slackware user and that Slax “scored” the lowest results. Which compared to today … isn’t bad, far from it, I still may not be able to check my mail with that same Slax, but hey it’s gonna keep its uptime.

Now, what happened is that I sent my X300 back to Lenovo customer service right after I got it after it was there for two monts. Now it’s making funny noises, and I had to send it to Lenovo, let me give you a word advice on all of this. Never, never buy the most expensive notebook there is, once they take it away from you, I feel like I lost a child or something. I love my x300, it’s too perfect and it’s all, but after I’m left without it … I’m hating, and I got the blues :(

more “Status of Live Linux today”


January 27, 2009

Ok, after my post about Forum, take two, soon enough I got pissed off and completely removed the forum, including database. There are two reasons I acted the way I did, first one is that there was not enough of traffic and I had to keep coming back to see if anything is new and moderate it. Second reason is that I actually dedicated one (hidden) part of the forum to the university it club, so … I didn’t like that.

So I pretty much snapped and removed everything, havoc :)

But after I see (from your comments) that there’s still need for the same, forum is back up, with new database so you’ll have to everybody will have to register agian. Also let me note that this reason is up because Reece (Rolyin) agreed to help out and he’ll be moderating it, thanks! :)

In case he decides to quit his position, I’ll be forced to give database username and password to someone for safe keeping :D