I’ve been around Debian for some time, however am not a “official” Debian Developer and I can’t become “overnight” because country I live in (Bosnia) and I have no one to sign my key. I doubt I could easily do it in Croatia or Serbia my neighboring countries. This is definitely another reason why I’m pursuing to have DebConf11 in Balkans (read: Bosnia).

I didn’t get my key signed on DebConf9 since I hesitated whether to keep my old DSA 768 bit key or not. However by the end of this month I’m planning to visit some friends on TUWIEN and planing to meet up with some DD from Vienna and get my key signed. Btw I’d like to use this opportunity to call all DD residing in Vienna (Rhonda?) to contact me :)

So what am talking about after all? Thunderbird 3.0 was released 29 ago, Icedove 3.0 is in experimental but only arm and i386 arch. and I’m using amd64. … After I kept bothering nice people at #debian-buildd they told me to make my own, and once I built my own I don’t have permissions to upload it to ftp-mater … there’s no sense I upload it through mentors …


So I’m making my Icedove amd64 packages available if you want them:


I didn’t even change the maintainer name, I kept it all as original package, except it’s now available for amd64 architecture, hopefully we’ll see these on Debian servers as well :)