I decided to see what’s up new on google. When I found they released something, which is pack.google.com

Pack itself

I really can’t rate this move to be a good one, unless you’re a complete “Google Freak” and there’s a lot of Google freaks for your info. Google pack installs its interesting software on your machine (mostly their pieces). Besides all that it also installs a spyware and virus program (Ad-adware and Norton Antivirus). Application basically freezes if you press “pause” button if you want to stop applications from downloading. Which is ok, since Google Pack is still under beta development.

Some annoying parts may be that, Google updates your firefox, with its toolbar. I dont know if that happens on IE, but on Firefox that’s really not necessary. Second it also wants to replaced your screensavesrs with their screen saver “software”. Which is basically not Google sign running around but pictures from your My Pictures dir.

It’s a pretty interesting piece of software, and they had to admit to themselves that Web Accelator was a biggest mistake they made. That’s why Web Accelator is not included in a pack. not even in the “Optional” software group. You cant find it anywhere but its page, which is … good :)

Google OS? No Google Pack.

First of all, there’s a lot of people who are saying Google will release an OS. These stories are running for awhile right now. There we were even pictures of Google OS in public, of course fake. Later on, they figured situation so they said it’s just Google Linux distro, again pictures were fake. But they got some things sorted out in their heads to say it’s going to be linux distro.

For couple of years now, heads of Microsoft (Gates, Ballmer) are actually losing their heads because of Google, especially their employees were (still are) leaving for Google.

Googles philosophy is briliant.
Most of the IT world is ruled by Microsoft, because they have their software on your PCs. For example, in 95 Bill Gates said that internet was just a hype. Netscape used to be a best browser, then after people (advisors) told him about browsers and internet. They then implement IE in Win95 and win the battle.

There are some of you, who are still saying that IE6 which is not updated for some 5 years, and it doesnt follow any standards is awesome and is your default browser. You can use IE, I’m sorry but you’re really stupid if you’re going around and spreading IE propaganda.

Back to the story, what I think will happend is, Google has enough programs to “infest” your windows machine. So they figured to release Google Pack. This is just brilliant. Even tho if Google Pack doesnt seem to be perfect right now, but it’ll be.

This is a very sneaky attack. You (Microsoft) will release an OS, but I’ll replace all your programs. Make a good media player, do that final deal with OpenOffice and that’s it. Google will rule your (MS) world.

There’s no need to make a Google OS, not even a Google “driven” linux distro. Once time passes, they can really develop a Google Linux or whatever, for now they’ll just be infesting windows. Once people figure out they wanna make a switch to Linux. Google (running on linux and is great open source and linux supporter)
will with right kernel easiliy even make their own custom DE or just use one of the current ones. A thing here and there, and that’s it, their own linux distro.

Even if Windows Vista, turns out to be “good”. Google is still being naughty. I havent mantioned MacOSx … nor will I :)