Some 2 weeks ago this screen just went in front of my eyes.

Besides this error, I’d also get that none of my games would load (copies of course) it would say to insert PS2 format disc.

After few head scratches, resets, power on/off … nope it was still there. Google, tried upgrading firmware, but nothing. Since I still had my guarantee paper, I went back to the store and gave them my PS2.

I was in touch with the guys, so he told me they’ll take it directly to Sony. Few days later I get a call from this guy, basically asking me whose discs am I using. I tell him “TraxData” or “Verbatim” most of the time, and then he jumps with a question if I used “Princo” I said something along a line “fsck no”

Sony guys tells me that system is working, and that he’ll leave it there few more days and test it. Also tells me how it’s possible that Princo screwed it all up, that it reflected beam right back to lens … some crap like that. And there you go, I didn’t want to hurry anybody up or anything, but today was the day I’d get my PS2.

I turn it on they didn’t do anything and had the same problem >_<


I Google, I read, Google, read, I figure out it only wont read the discs because they are copies. PS2 format disc … not even torrent would have such a thing, and besides all I figured it would pretty much ruin my Infinity firmware.

I experiment for some good 2 hours or so. Disabled message? You get it by unplugging memory cards, and removing the disc and by pressing “Start” button before it boots.

Heh, I was supposed to press “Triangle + Circle” before it boots, but I only got more errors. Instructions and README files were just plain weird, first they weren’t meant for PS2 slim, second none of what was expected would not happen.

I got few firmware versions of of the “Matrix Team” site. Burned .cue files, still disc wouldn’t boot. Read the README, didn’t help.

Then I did the following, I seriously have no idea what sense this made to me … but I came on an idea I should do that one too. I removed both controllers, memory cards, just left the latest firmware disc inside. And viola, it would load … but …

As you see it above, after plugging in the controller, and pressing “Start” button, programming would start and fail … There was only one solution left that made sense to me. Open up to box, remove the modchip, start PS2 without it, turn it off, put back the chip, start the firmware installation from the beginning.

But then I thought, why not just try one more “Triangle + Circle”, “Settings Saved, Please restart” Same message, and when I restarted …

I seriously yelled “I DID IT!”

So yea from now on, I think I can do modding too :)