DebConf7 Summary

July 2, 2007

DebConf7 ended a week ago or something, and yes I needed this long to … just “compile” it so eventually at least something comes out of all of this. Number of pictures is just … there’s too many so I’ll just put the most significant ones (the ones I thought are the most significant). I’ll put gomze’s pictures, even tho wherever I looked he didn’t put my pictures. You hear that you arse! >_<> because on that day there was a direct filght from Pula to Edinburgh.

From 7am … approximately 10hours in bus to get to Pula, from Pula to Edinburgh somewhat less then 3hours. I told gomez right back in Tuzla, that I was a major jinx, but I really didn’t expect it to go that far :)

And off we go, I kept on drinking apple juice, from all the hangover from last night, good think that happened is that I realize that bus toilet was closed cuz it was broken or something. So every time bus would stop to pick more people or whatever I was the lunatic running around looking for bathroom. However over time I got better, that’s the time when whole bus is listening to my story and laughing their asses out.

gomez was of course making new female friends in the mean time :)

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Leaving for DebConf

June 16, 2007

Here’s some of my incredibly interesting life :)

Last … whatever days I really don’t know what’s been up. I been reading a lot, really a lot, studying for Cisco too. So yea not much time obviously.

Last week “sapphire” was here, as a big giant head of our Debian team for Bosnia, he left first. I took him around the town and etc … heh took them to that “sea” we got in middle of a city, even tho I said I wont follow, I jumped in too. In my clothes, I just couldn’t resist :)

Bla bla, he actually liked the city, and since our beauty is … specific nature beauty (wtf right?) I’ll just post few pictures of us looking like shit.

Toshiba vs MacBook && (Slackware vs Debian) && ugly vs ugly

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