Busy update 2.0

January 14, 2008

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve written an email user login, because a lot of people wanted mail at foolcontrol.org.

I’m done with first semester of my university, so I’ll have time to post all the posts I wanted. This was also a “prolonged process” because I got arrested few nights ago, I’ll talk about that too in a separate post. I’m innocent for those who wonder.

I’m currently writing register email form, and I want to finish this whole thing, but now once I got time, it’ll definitely be completed. Soon that is.

I also got few topics I want to discuss, from KDE4 release to various other interesting topics.


January 4, 2008

After awhile, hello everybody :)

It’s been awhile, a big update :)
Basically what I want you to know is that, this is going to be a new home for AbsintheSyringe blog. So that basically means that I’m moving from blogspot to my own server, and to my own platform. All old posts are here so …

Thanks Google for hosting it, and really blogspot was not bad at all.

Right now, I’m working on building a platform, it’s basically a heavy modification of WordPress system. But I gotta do what I gotta do, also besides just my blog there will be a lot more … I just had some ideas ;)

So stick around, also this is not even 25% complete so … there’ll be a lot of changes to all of this stuff. And this post just to let you guys know what’s going on and that I didn’t have a new life threating accident or anything :)


Adnan Hodzic (AbsintheSyringe)

HowTo: VMware 2.6.22.x kernel – Debian Lenny

December 9, 2007

I really need Windows, I actually need to simulate “Server environment” and “Client environment”, I have 3 notebooks in my household but I’m not sure they came along with “Design for Windows” stickers :)

VirtualBox … very very good piece, incredible actually. But from a official (resp) source, on Debian testing my usb controllers are not working. This is huge huge minus if you ask me. VMware Workstation 6.x is great, everything works, but … I have an issue with them.

Problem with VMware is that, they release their product, and if you’re on any “newer” kernel, please note, not latest testing or development branch, but official stable kernel is not supported. That’s why they have their “vmware-any-any patch” which is not even their thing, but is written by some “random guy”.

I have 3 kernels on this machine. 2.6.18-4, 2.6.18-5 and 2.6.22-2, problem is that VMware will not working with 2.6.22.x even tho latest stable linux kernel is Of course everything worked fine on 2.6.18, but I’m long time of that kernel. Moving back to 2.6.18 was just not an option.

I tried (literally) 1000 “combinations”, from different vmware-any-any patch versions, to different compiling methods, to make-vmpkg to 101 and thing, nothing worked. Until today I did this completely random thing and everything worked. So if you’re on any distro with >=2.6.22 kernel, do this to make your vmware work.

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For all the IT Crowd outhere

November 20, 2007

Perfect soundtrack for this post would be “Chimaira – Implements of Destruction” so in case you got that one by any chance, play it along while reading this post.

I’ve been working at my University for some 20days now, it’s incredible how much stuff there’s going around. I had to cancel some really nice paying jobs, of course due to lack of time.

Besides University and University job, I got Cisco going around :)

It’s interesting how stuff can turn around. For example, once I was administering and leading whole Abshost thing, after 3 years I didn’t get fed up with it all. I was on a mission, on a mission of working same things as seen on “IT Crowd“. After Abshost I said, I don’t wanna just administer any longer, I wanna feel the pulse of the signal through my own hands, I wanna have a screwdriver in my back pocket, I wanna grow farms … bla bla.

Reality is … well I know how much people can be asses and all that. You try to be good, act nice too they act completely opposite, they spit into your face. But that’s nothing compared to when you reinstall and wire whole computer lab of one university, even bring basic p2p in. They wanna stab you in the face, but why? Hm … read the last sentence again, “reinstall” is the keyword needed in this context :) Even they have all the rules of keeping their own backups and all, they hate you.

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Busy update

November 4, 2007

It’s weird, how we IT people act, react and of course interact.

And I’ll leave that sentence as it is. But once we get good jobs, or even when we don’t have jobs. We forget others, we have to figure ways to get to go out for a drink with … last time I remember really close IT buddies. And beyond that. We stop stopping by on IRC, we stop writing blog posts, we stop doing everything.

Yes, what I’m doing is much much more valuable (literally), but why was doing this all? So once you get it rolling you stop it all? But you lose a contact, then you just wanna get a reason to get out, and be free and get wasted. Maybe we should really try to level our dosages.

Well first place to start of is, yes of course I was busy. Here’s my story.

Lately everything is going so smoothly that it’s just crazy. University is ok, I guess … Fuck the regular life, things are so good that it’s frightening. Last time, I was blogging, I was hacking local machines on my university, later on I hacked my university mail server, no reason, I just needed pop3/smtp and they refused, or were just too lazy to give it to me. Not giving a fuck I mailed my professor about it.

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