Since my recent switch to Mandriva 2007.0 one, thing that bothered me the most is that ugly blue color! Of course another sleepless night :) And I’m finally done pimping it, so why not share it :)

Let’s not forget, that same ugly blue color made me explore beauties of beryl and etc…

Since I changed all colors on it, here’s a quick to-do on all things. For style I use lipstik (urpmi lipstik), for ugliest window decoration (blue of course!) I had to upgrade to beryl, (mostly cuz of idiotic compiz theme manager) how I did that you can find in one of the previous post.

I changed that pretty cool, galaxy kde splashscreen, but the problem is that it isnt full screen, (urpmi moodin), then find some really cool splashscreens based on moodin engine. There were only two things left …

While booting screen would stay blue no matter what, unless you go text-only (like am right now) and lilo bootsplash, blue too.

Even tho Mandriva comes with its very handy “Control Center” (drakconf), the picture that you’re seeing below, does nothing for you.


There’s that awesome tool to create a new theme, but out of sudden, after making new ones, they just simply woldnt work. And hey, hold on, how come your’s is green instead of blue?
Since I couldnt use the new themes with my custom images in it, I had to find them, which I did. I had to edit Mandriva’s original pictures, so please take backup of those images (I did), you simply open them in Gimp and do wonders with them. I made them green, prolly cuz I like to call myself AbsintheSyr…. : ]


After, you’re done with this, your boot can be pretty, wheter it’s silent, verbose, but I still chose text only :) Previous stuff was mostly just done cuz of the challenge.
But that first boot screen, was giving me trouble >_<

Original looks a lot better, cuz I took this picture with my camera :(
There, please download it and comment it (if you got something to say)