Vmware is always giving me hard time. Just a recent one not working on 2.6.22.x kernels, now … mayhem. I did turn my whole system up and down, last week, in one week I went over all desktop enviroments for Linux, at least all of the “mainstream” ones.

Back to the topic, I would install it, I even followed my own instructions, but no help.  What the thing would do is that after configuring it, and it all works just fine, after eventual reboot, it would say it needs to be configured again. Man was this annoying.

Some said, update to latest version, others said this and that. In the end I just said I’ll sleep on it and fix it in the morning :) So, for the fact I knew “not_configured” that was pulling out those same message to configure it over and over again.

Ok, configuring it after each reboot, well that could work for some. Removing that same not_configured actually works too. I don’t know how smart or good it is, but what I know is that it’s leaving me alone, at least for another month or so. Knowing vmware, it neverstops :)

Removing it every single time can be annoying too, so just add “rm /etc/vmware/not_configured” line to your  “/etc/rc.local” and yea … that’s it.