Life without evolution

January 31, 2010 – 7:15 pm by Adnan Hodzic

I’m using Gnome as my default DE after my KDE4 dissapointment, however what’s bothering me for some time now is that I have to “live” with applications that I don’t even use or like for that matter. So why “live” with those? Well if I try to remove some of those applications it’ll want to “pull down” my whole DE along with them, however I couldn’t believe solution was so simple.

Applications I don’t want to live with are: evolution, epiphany, empathy, ekiga, liferea, gnome-accessibility and couple of others. Step 1 might seem as it wants to remove “whole” DE, but it all it wants is gnome-desktop-environment which is meta/dummy package so don’t worry.

Step 1:

sudo apt-get remove epiphany epiphany-browser-data epiphany-data empathy 
empathy-doc libempathy30 libempathy-common libempathy-gtk28 liferea 
liferea-data evolution ekiga gok dasher orca gnome-accessibility evolution-common evolution-data-server 

Step 2:

sudo aptitude keep-all

Step 3:

After you’re done, you can use sudo apt-get autoremove or sudo aptitude -f install just so you can see it won’t “force” you later on to remove any other deps.

Yea, that was it …

  • Indeed, gnome is rarely packaged in a modular fashion.
    At least you can get rid of the mono kludge/bloat on GNU/Linux Debian ubuntu without breaking your DE.
    Gentoo has the power of use flags to have a dynamic dependency tree for packages to do the same thing.

  • Oh, right. It’s now the end of the month (rather, the start of the next), didn’t you plan to stumble by in vienna? What happened to that idea?

    — Rhonda

  • Gerfried,

    That’s still the plan, except that I had some problems with my visa (it seems they are incredibly lazy over there).

    So I’m still planing to get to Vienna, either on 4th or 7th, I have my email to you saved in drafts, ready to be sent out once I get my visa Smile

  • I believe what you want is gnome-core:

  • Nathan Myers

    Unfortunately they have made it hard to get rid of the unnecessary but intrusive and fat Nautilus.

  • What’s that rant against Gnome desktop environment?

    In Debian, there are 4 distinct task and meta-package to help installing a Gnome Desktop Environment (that’s more than any other Desktop environment), see [1]

    If you want to have more control, then fine, just cherry pick your packages.

    Gnome, tasksel and Debian-CD teams are doing a great job at making default installation to “just work”.


  • Ah yes!

    David, Franklin thank you, I’ll definitely consider this option in future cases since on this machine it’s all configured as I wanted it Smile

    Btw Franklin, wiki page … *thumbs up

    I think Gnome has done immense progress in past period, I love it … except for well for except parts Smile

    Nathan, nautilus is pretty ok, I think evolution is the worse one. It’s great as application and everything, outstanding really, but way to heavy!

    Nautilus is pretty ok for most part, except when it “turns into” ftp client … then … Smile

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