!= Google

December 28, 2008

I believe I’ll break many hearts with this post, some may agree, and some may not. What I definitely want to state before even writing anything is that this isn’t hate talk or anything like it, but just simply being completely objective, and looking at this whole Google thing from a distant stand point, and of course only present you with most obvious facts.

Now get yourself a cup of coffee, play the most metal, aggressive, brutal, music you have on your comuter and let me take you to a journey of hatred ;)

How Google and I met

First of all, I started using Google around ~99 this isn’t a short time period, almost ten years eh? I remember I was using Altavista and Astalavista (for those who remember good old times) which was such a great search engine, it just kicked ass. Then I can’t remember what happened to it, but to put it simple, it was gone. Then I actually switched to Yahoo for a short period of time; however, back then you simply couldn’t find anything, if you were looking for something … oh man, sometimes if you’re looking for something really “stashed” your search could be prologue up to half an hour.

And then one day I heard about this thing called Google, Googled” for the first time and viola, I was there within matter of seconds! It truly came into my life as some kind of epiphany.

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Forum, take two

November 25, 2008

Ok, without really any reason I “closed” the forum for the first time, and now I’m “opening” it for the second time. Actually to be completely honest I closed it for the first time because there wasn’t much of a talk in there. In the meantime, a port of the forum is being used by AUBIH IT Club members, part o the forum you’re not aware unless you’re in the club :)

Once you also gave your opinion that FC does have a forum, even though poll wasn’t there long enough. Besides this poll I really don’t know if the forum is needed, because not really a lot of discussion is going on in the comments or anything, but … suit yourselves :)

Nevertheless, forum is up again, and open for discussion for everyone and no one really. If you have any questions regarding anything, please do ask. I promise I won’t close it this time, no matter if it’s visited or not and … such :)

Enjoy forum

It Crowd is back with season 3

November 23, 2008

It Crowd is back!

More then a year ago Season 2 was complete, and after so much discussion, rumors and so on … Season 3 is finally here and it’s such a great come back :D I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but I really didn’t think that “Douglas” was going to “overtake” the thrown or will even come close to his father Denholm, but if anything he’ll prove you wrong, and you’ll see how Moss takes care of bullies :)

But all in all Roy is still my all favorite 8-)

I can’t wait to see the next episode (next friday), bad thing is that this season will only have 6 episodes (as far as I know), but as long as we don’t have to wait a whole year for a new season to air I’m good with that.

In the meantime until you don’t get your hands on It Crowd fix yourself with The Big Bang Theory.

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Pimp my Gmail

November 20, 2008

Last night I logged into my Gmail account and I see that there is this new feature, themes. Oh well, I say finally it’s time for such a move from Google, since I noticed that some changes have been made on their CSS. For some time right now I have noticed that every single input box in gmail is incredibly … well square. Too round and square.

Too round?

Now when it comes to themes in Gmail, if you ask me it was really about the time. There were few Firefox addons and they were ok and all, but lets face it, you change your computer and there goes your Gmail look.

And then as I said it, last night I log into my Gmail account and there’s a notification about themes. I’ll present the some screenshots, for all the other stuff that I don’t say here you can read the official Gmail blog post. Too say the least, there are some really interesting themes. The one I finally picked is most interesting me for several reasons.

I’m using theme named “Tree”, it’s incredibly slick, second depending on weather conditions theme will change. So last night when I first tried it, it was raining so the whole theme got “wet” and there were drops all over the place. Tree on the bottom was swinging by the wind and stuff like that.There are also few themes that are “dependent” on weather conditions. Which is definitely *thumbs up

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Talent is worth 10000 hours?

November 18, 2008

Other day I came across this very … inspirational story if nothing. If you asked me, I’d say there’s really no such thing as talent, if you say there is, then it’s highly discussable.

I believe in work, not talent, you can have affinities for certain things, but please don’t categorize them in same category as “talent”.

Once I got a question from a student “How come you know so much?”
I laughed and told him “Well, I don’t sleep much”

Without further ado I present you:

Malcolm Gladwell with “Gift or hard work”?

The University of Michigan opened its new computer centre in 1971, in a low-slung building on Beal Avenue in Ann Arbor. The university’s enormous mainframe computers stood in the middle of a vast, white-tiled room, looking, as one faculty member remembers, “like one of the last scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey”. Off to the side were dozens of key-punch machines – what passed in those days for computer terminals. Over the years, thousands of students would pass through that white-tiled room – the most famous of whom was a gawky teenager named Bill Joy.

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