Some of you might have noticed some changes on the site itself, maybe that it carries label “FoolControl v1.5.beta” or something like that.

I’m planning on making some pretty big changes around here, devel list is long so … hang in there. Same goes with WordPress that was behind all of this. Even before, WordPress I was using was highly modified, and then I got an idea to actually fork it. Since it was that or leaving WordPress for good and doing my own thing from the scratch.

Also when it comes to system itself, I want to make “labs” where I want to put few of my ideas, instead of explaining them right now, it’s all going to come along with the “territory” that is future posts and etc …

Also from now on you’ll be able to read content from couple of other authors besides me. Who what? I guess you’ll find out soon enough, one of them is even Ph.D if that makes you feel different about this very idea ;)

I call this fork of mine “IcePress”, which I had to describe in one sentence … well

If this isn’t self explanatory I don’t know what is 8-)

And since everyone likes screenshots …

So there you go, I really hope you’ll enjoy this whole “nu” foolcontrol and all that new authors and new content ;)