Other day I read “Refreshing The Ubuntu Brand“, upcoming visual style changes for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and my only comment to this whole story was “Don’t tell me you’re moving window control elements to the left side of window in Lucid …” :sidefrown:

Either way if this is the “revolutionary” change for Ubuntu, then I have a visual style suggestion for Squeeze as well.

Since Gnome is default desktop environment in Debian and as it looks like right now 2.30 will be what’s going to be included into Squeeze; nothing much, or nothing really will visually change in Gnome by then. So … how about this :lamp:

For some time now I’ve been troubled by some things in Gnome, and what’s bothering me the most is “System” menu. Why? Well because the list of utilities listed both under “Administration” and “Preferences” is so long that it’s almost useless. So without losing your precious seconds of your life and losing fair amount of nerves …  well this is what’s required to find what you were initially looking for. Interesting enough is the fact (please do stress) that Gnome consists of a fine thing called “gnome-control-center” which is not included in any of Gnome menus.  :idk:

I really do enjoy Gnome vanilla flavor (overall am fan of vanilla flavored apps.) but what I’ve been doing for quite time now is “fixing” this ridicule by having my own “version” of Systems menu, which consists of “Add/Remove App.” (synaptic) and “Fool Control” (gnome-control-center)

Final result is that I get what I’m looking for in couple of seconds without any lost nerves :victory:

Either way, after reading the redesigning Ubuntu article, this only encouraged me to go live with this suggestion. I know it’s a minor change, but how about we have this implemented into Squeeze? Of course change my silly button labels; if not, what are my options? Make package that will do this for you?  :roll: I’m really interested to hear your input on this topic.

Talking about redesigning stuff, is anyone up to do start doing this with Debian homepage? Yea? Count me in ;)