I can’t say I’ve been using Vim from my early Linux days in 1999. In those days I found Vim to be a bit … overwhelming. Not easy to navigate, or configure, not to mention quitting it. So I just stuck with pico or today’s nano and various other IDE’s (see if you recognize any of maintainers names).

However, once I did discover everything Vim was capable of, from that day onwards Vim has been my default editor. Hence, for last decade my Vim configuration has only been growing which I would copy over on a new workstations as part of my dotfile backups.

I wanted to stop process of deploying my Vim configuration by simply copying over configuration. Also since configuring Vim to this day can still be cumbersome and is prone to errors. I’ve decided to create an installer which will seamlessly setup Vim with configuration I need for my workload.

vim-hue project (tl;dr)

Thus “vim-hue” was born, featuring “vim-hue” dark Vim colorscheme and complete Vim configuration. Ideal for anyone using Vim and any of the following on daily basis: Shell (Bash), Golang, Python, Terraform, Ansible, Docker (Dockerfile), et cetera …

vim-hue running on MacOS (iTerm2)
Project is Open Source licenced under GPLv3 licence, so if you’d like to change anything, please do and I’m looking forward to reviewing that pull request.

vim-hue on Github

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