I still see these questions being asked, so let’s solve it once for all.

Mount Slackware 12 dvd, go to /extras, copy intel-wlan-ipw3945 somewhere on your disk. Or if you don’t have Slackware 12 dvd, just get it off the web.


Version of kernel of this and that, it doesn’t matter, for example I did this on

Remove ieee80211. If not, just remove while installing/upgrading new ieee80211

1) Install the ieee80211 subsystem
#tar zxvf ieee and the -1.2.17.tar.gz
#cd ieee80211-1.2.17
#make install

2) Install kernel modules
#tar zxvf ipw3945-1.2.1.tar.gz
#cd ipw3945-1.2.1
#make install

3) Copy the firmware to the right place
#tar xzvf ipw3945-ucode-1.14.2.tgz
#cd ipw3945-ucode-1.14.2
#cp ipw3945.ucode /lib/firmware

d) Compile the daemon
#tar xzvf ipw3945d-1.7.22.tgz
#cd ipw3945d-1.7.22

If you have a x86 processor

#cd x86 (else cd x86_64)

#cp ipw3945d /sbin

Now make sure the ieee80211 the ipw3945 modules are
loaded by the kernel. There is an utility in the
ipw3945-1.2.1 directory called ‘load’ that will do just that, but
it also can be (and should be) accomplished by

#modprobe ieee80211
#modprobe ipw3945

or, simply

#modprobe ipw3945 (this will load the ieee80211).

and start the daemon


To load automatically every time you boot your box:

cd /etc/rc.d
vim rc.local
modprobe ipw3945

That’s all folks