Day penguin went to sleep

December 4, 2006 – 5:20 pm by Adnan Hodzic

Last night I’ve decided to close Abshost.

I wanted to sleep it over, and see what happens in morning. Same thought.
After all this time, why?

I’m sick and tired of not seeing any funds or anything. People want great things for free, ok, it’s said how we get financed, still no donations, for months. I’ve got my own life, since I started Abshost, I sacrificed my whole university year to work on Abshost and make it great.

To get something great, I really think you should give something in return, which you didn’t.

Now second one, I had my own problems and so on, but now I really cant do that anymore. I really have my own life and things to do. I want to complete my university and if things go well, I should be moving to Vienna (Wien), Austria to continue my studies over there. That would mean I’d be delaying this decision for another year. So as it looks now I just want to be a Software and IT engineer (not some sys. admin), and to do that (besides my other projects) I really have to give myself some space and ditch some of my projects.

Abshost as host/server/whatever will remain there, it’s just that it wont be giving free space to everyone anymore. Just certain people/sites.

I just want to save it in my memory as it is, I’ve been with it for 3 years now, and it’s really hard to put it to sleep just like that, but some things have to be done. I look at it as an empire, Abshost really had its great times, but those times are gone, and I cant have them back at this pace.

So it was good, I hope sometime in future I’ll have a good crew, so we could start something like this and conquer all. Well there I hope that explains some things, I’m really sorry to some of oldest members that were till active (years after) like UnrealX, BrencelJ, ForeSeer and myself of course.

Sorry but I just dont have any nerves left to spend on Abshost, I dont have time to spend sleepless nights cuz of Abshost, I dont have enough thoughts left to spend them on Abshost, I dont have any contacts left to be spent on Abshost.

This was one awesome hosting and beyond it experience.

  • MetalKitty


    I’ve noticed that almost everyone was taking this for granted. It’s horrible how people don’t understand
    this… call it “open source” thingy.

    You have to give something in return damn it.

    Hahha the funniest thing is people who aren’t even participating in the forums, nor anything will be those who are complaining the most!


  • Troy297


    It is a shame that he has put it to sleep but it’s all for the best….

    Ditto for what MetalKitty say…

    Good luck with whatever else you decide to do Abs.


  • Yaxyo

    Hvala ti na izvrsnom hostu, što re?i nego da je bilo lijepo dok je trajalo Wink. je bio moj po?etak u profesionalne hostinge sa cpanelom i sl. ?emu sam zahvalan. Još tamo dok se postanjem skupljalo bodova Smile.
    Tko zna, možda jednog dana opet osvane ovako nešto sa starim, a i novim ?lanovima tima.
    Thanks for excellent server, it was a dream while it last Wink.
    I began working on “true” servers (with cpanel, mail, and all that stuff.) when I signed in, and Im grateful for that. Those old days when you had to be active on forum to get points Smile.
    Who knows, maybe one day will rise again, with old crew, and maybe some new one.

  • drudoggy9000

    I opened a free web hosting thing a few months ago and I am having no luck getting it started (I have time to help people with whatever and stuff, but no time to actually get the name out there)

    Would you mind suggesting

    I’ve been with abshost since the beginning, you know I can be trusted.

    Thanks, but I have a feeling you’ll be back soon with something even better somehow.

  • BrencelJ

    hey Abs I just hope that we will some how stay in touch and that you will be able to do stuff in your life you put your dreams on. And I’m sad that Abs-host is gone (for good or for some time).

    But I really hope that some day I will find abs yet again and that I will be like a new happy person Grin he he but until that day is far and I hope that I will finish my big project Razz and that I will show it to you Razz and yea you know Razz.

    man I will miss abs reading :S now I don’t have any forum left to stay and “bug” ppl Razz.

    So have fun at uni and I hope some day we will meet on the abs Razz heheh have fun and I think that I will read your blog from time to time if I will remeber Grin and that will be the only on Grin

  • foreseer

    From the first day when I asked for website to ABShost I can feel such great kindness from you. And when I actived on ABShost forums I still can feel very great kindness from each member. Although I don’t talk too much now but I still concern ABShost and forums.

    About donate, maybe I’m late, but I still want to do it. Indeed, I am thinking about how to make ABShost live forever. But It’s hard for me to mention my idea in English. So, whatever what decision you make, I will always respect your choice and my website are exist with ABShost only.

    I think you really need consider what your life should be. I consider myself too. No matter what happened, ABShost is still the best web hosting provider and you are always our hero! God bless all of you!

  • Miralem

    i hope this is not the end – i hope it will continue some day.

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Ok, here he is, big giant head speaking Smile

    No, this is not an end to Abshost. In one of these days I’ll just put on Abshost and ask who wants to keep his account. Also Abshost will still allow hosting, in this “abshost is closed” period I created few account just for you info. And last night my gf told me that I miss Abshost, and I said I realy do Smile

    Also I’ll implement the contact page, just for those who like to annoy for no reason.

    @Druggy, that sgc-hosting is using abshost template we used in summer of 2005 or something like that. In a bad way of course, but I’ll check it out.

    Abshost is certainly not dead! It’s just tired and sleeping. Just let me think of something, something new, fresh that hasnt been seen before.

    You can send all your suggestions to: admin AT abshost DOT net or AbsintheSyringe AT gmail DOT net

  • lyqh

    God bless you,I will back you!you known me!I missed the time we had passed in your forum.

  • drudoggy9000

    I based the design off of your old design (obviously, I liked it a lot) most of it has has been remade and pretty much used yours as a guideline to making my site to get one together fast, I’ve been in the process of making a new site from scratch, but the way i’m putting it together using PHP is taking a long time to get everything working perfectly.

    If you want me to change it, I’ll throw together a basic HTML page until i finished with the one i’m working

  • Rocklion

    Oh well,
    however thanks for your great hosting service !

    i love you Razz j/k

    i hope that you’ll revive ABS, thanks for your time !

  • TheFurbyLord

    Sorry to see abshost go, it was a nice idea with cool people to back it up. Sorry for my part in not donating or participating as much as I should of. Glad there are people like you guys left in the world though.

    Wish you well in all your future endeavors,

  • Infinity

    Hi and tnx for the time as it lasted. I’m greatful for the space i had and i wish you a more comfortable and not stressing future and hope you now can peacefully study for your graduation.

    Good Luck!

    Lillan at Decorama.

  • Ju!

    Very, very sad, but I can understand it. Sometimes we have to make choices and loose somethings to make others better.But thanks for keeping it alive as long as you could. I will start searching another free host, if I find a good one I post here.


  • Enrico

    See you tomorrow Penguin!

    I got the account recently but I hadn’t time to enjoy it because I’m on the way you took: finishing studies.

    Good luck dude!

  • |_ \_/ |< /-\

    Hi, i’m sad about ‘closing’ abshost, but what is, there is (sta je, tu je) Big Smile.. Thanks to you i made my site and domain and all, than i didn’t had money. However, this is not end, i will pay for hosting, because abshost simply get my love Big Smile


  • germa stoned raider

    germa spiking kul si ovo napravio nisam zna da si skroz ukino host ajd vidimo se sutra tj 5ak pa da nest popricamo i popijemo necu ispalit moram te ispostovat, dokle si doso sa pimpovanjem mandrive

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Heh, desava se Smile Nismo jebiga dugo pricali ni culi, nisam ga ukino, samo sam ga stavio na spavanje. Al ga nisam skino sa aparata. Pricat cu.

    A sto se tice mandrive … vratio se na slackware Smile Malo prije sam bas razmisljo, kako cu njeg da napimpan na cem je Mandriva bila … sto ce bit definitvno teze Smile

    Aj zovi

  • Ten

    I just want to say thanks to Abshost for hosting my site.
    I really enjoyed all the time I spent on abshost, and not to mention that I learned a lot about web programming, php and everything else. It was a great experience! Abshost was my first “contact” with serious hosting, cpanel, php, mysql and much more!
    When I first saw Abshots I said to myself “S**T! These guys aren’t normal! 1gb for free! They can’t be sane! Grin”. But eventually I saw that you don’t have to dream for the perfect free host. It exsisted in real and it was Abshost!
    I want to thank for all the great times and moments on Abshost, for all the great comments and support I got over the forum, and actually… for everything Wink.
    Maybe one day I will make a host similar to abshost! Who knows Wink
    Thank you very,very,very much!

  • MC Casper

    Ja cu da pisem na Bosnaskom Smile tako ce manje ljudi skontat sta curpi Smile

    Moram priznat da sam se uhelacio kad sam vidio index u onoj fatalnoj crnoj boji nidje slike samo neki text.. odmah sam znao da nesto nije u redu.. ja bih volio na kraju ofog da moj account ostane Smile jer je stvarno vazan Smile (ehc) jos bas mi je abs namudo ono Smile nebi volio da mi host bude neko koga neznam.. ovaj je bar bio u vlasnistvu mog sugradjanina Smile.. good luck in whatever u decide to do Smile EHC!!!