Last night I’ve decided to close Abshost.

I wanted to sleep it over, and see what happens in morning. Same thought.
After all this time, why?

I’m sick and tired of not seeing any funds or anything. People want great things for free, ok, it’s said how we get financed, still no donations, for months. I’ve got my own life, since I started Abshost, I sacrificed my whole university year to work on Abshost and make it great.

To get something great, I really think you should give something in return, which you didn’t.

Now second one, I had my own problems and so on, but now I really cant do that anymore. I really have my own life and things to do. I want to complete my university and if things go well, I should be moving to Vienna (Wien), Austria to continue my studies over there. That would mean I’d be delaying this decision for another year. So as it looks now I just want to be a Software and IT engineer (not some sys. admin), and to do that (besides my other projects) I really have to give myself some space and ditch some of my projects.

Abshost as host/server/whatever will remain there, it’s just that it wont be giving free space to everyone anymore. Just certain people/sites.

I just want to save it in my memory as it is, I’ve been with it for 3 years now, and it’s really hard to put it to sleep just like that, but some things have to be done. I look at it as an empire, Abshost really had its great times, but those times are gone, and I cant have them back at this pace.

So it was good, I hope sometime in future I’ll have a good crew, so we could start something like this and conquer all. Well there I hope that explains some things, I’m really sorry to some of oldest members that were till active (years after) like UnrealX, BrencelJ, ForeSeer and myself of course.

Sorry but I just dont have any nerves left to spend on Abshost, I dont have time to spend sleepless nights cuz of Abshost, I dont have enough thoughts left to spend them on Abshost, I dont have any contacts left to be spent on Abshost.

This was one awesome hosting and beyond it experience.