I want Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update now!

November 1, 2010


I bought Xperia X10i this summer during DebConf10 in NYC, I loved this phone from very beginning however what bothered me was that it was still stuck on outdated Android 1.6. To get your own custom Android on it, wasn’t quite possible because no one managed to hack bootloader even though some of the guys at XDA where getting pretty close.

Long story made short, Sony Ericsson has finally release their Android 2.1 update, but made it available only for Nordic region, they explained it all on their blog where they also sent a message for “paranoid” users as they called them. I thought, if I gave it all this time I can wait a little bit longer, but then one of my friends (@sahinovic) gave me a good pointer to go in right direction with using custom ROM, Nordic for example? So this is where I got my idea.

I want 2.1 update now!

Please note steps below will get you Android 2.1 update, but AFAIK you’ll also lose your warranty

1. Root your phone

If you don’t have your phone rooted, this can now be done in single click. Get X10 Root and follow instructions on screen.

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Linux sex tattoo video – R3make

August 23, 2010

This is my third video of me while doing my tattoo, hopefully it won’t get removed again due to licensing, because I tried to provide all the necessary copyright. This is its first time showing up on Planet Debian, so I might even hear some criticism? If any please don’t be too harsh on me :)

I’d like to have this one on as some kind of personal “zeitgeist” moment if anything, and I’m definitely not making any other “versions” of this video. I have “why I did it”, and all the other things written in my previous posts related to this video.


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DebConf10 Summary & DebConf11 invitation

August 21, 2010

DebConf10 ended 2 weeks ago, I’m back in Bosnia and I needed some time to “recalculate” everything that happened to me in last month :-)

This was my third time in NYC, and NYC as a city never left me empty handed, in every possible sense! And am seriously considering option of moving back one day, whether to get my Masters/phD or just do work we’ll see what future holds for me :cute:


I was in organization team for DebConf10, but if you put me aside, what’s particularly interesting is that there was a total number of 7 Bosnians on DebConf10, two of which were government officials. I must note this wasn’t our complete team, and what’s most important of all is that they all pretty much volunteered as much as they could, of course, besides good will to help Debian, but also to at least somehow prepare themselves for organization of DebConf11.

It’s also worth noting that this was their first DebConf, and I as a leader of the team must say I’m proud on how well they performed. I’m sure by being highly active in volunteering they have learned as much as they could when it comes to “how it’s done” and were able to see good and bad sides of DebConf10 organization team.

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Need help setting up my Linux development platform

March 24, 2010

Maintaining stable life with unstable distro?

This post may sound ludicrous to some of you but please hear me out. I’ve been on Debian unstable/Sid for awhile now and it was all cool until yesterday.

Besides my work on Debian DebConf/some devel, I’m university student, also I do web devel which is my primary source of income, besides all those I try to go out on weekends and have some kind of social life. Somehow I manage to do all these things and I’d say I manage them pretty successfully too.

Now I’m hardcore to the bone, but this is just too much, last week started working on immense web devel project  didn’t sleep more then 2hrs/day whole week; I also didn’t shut down my notebook and just kept it on suspend as I usually do. Either way I was about to print/scan something and I connect my printer and what happens? My whole system freezes, now I’ll let you figure out the result of doing hard reset and having a lot of gedit docs open at that time. And yes, I did had that bug reported awhile ago, can’t find it now, but it was fixed, seems like it’s back again.

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FoolControl, Gnome, Squeeze?

March 15, 2010

Other day I read “Refreshing The Ubuntu Brand“, upcoming visual style changes for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and my only comment to this whole story was “Don’t tell me you’re moving window control elements to the left side of window in Lucid …” :sidefrown:

Either way if this is the “revolutionary” change for Ubuntu, then I have a visual style suggestion for Squeeze as well.

Since Gnome is default desktop environment in Debian and as it looks like right now 2.30 will be what’s going to be included into Squeeze; nothing much, or nothing really will visually change in Gnome by then. So … how about this :lamp:

For some time now I’ve been troubled by some things in Gnome, and what’s bothering me the most is “System” menu. Why? Well because the list of utilities listed both under “Administration” and “Preferences” is so long that it’s almost useless. So without losing your precious seconds of your life and losing fair amount of nerves …  well this is what’s required to find what you were initially looking for. Interesting enough is the fact (please do stress) that Gnome consists of a fine thing called “gnome-control-center” which is not included in any of Gnome menus.  :idk:

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