Well weird things are up. First, for some reason I’m sick of “make-up” I’m just fed up with it, I’m turning into one cliche man. My desktop has turned
into …

Why? I really have no idea, only thing is I need a girl on my desktop and I’ll be full cliche man :)

Anyways, as I always like to put things on scale, now after all system administration, somethings was telling me I had to learn programming. Ok, but once I started learning it, I’m really getting into it, a lot.

One more reasons to learn c++ is wormux (wormux.org) Please go to the page and get the latest source and compile it. 0.7.3 version has been great, truly the best version so far. So far, I’ve translated it into bosnian and been reporting bugs. But now I’m about to become one of the developers. I’ve got programming knowledge but surely not enough.

You know, when I get these kinds of “fixations” I have to master it. So yea, as I said to lead developers of wormux, I’ll gain something (learn c++)
and the whole project will benefit. Yea before I forget to run game in bosnian type:
“LANGUAGE=bs wormux” (in console) on linux, on windows I have no idea what to do :) I dunno, I’ll just give my best to contribute to this project, I was always a huge fan of worms (wormux is worms clone) so yea lets do on linux, the way it should be.

To be honest my social life is suffering cuz of all this programming. My sister told me this, my gf hasnt commented it yet. All I really do lately is read my c++ books
(c++ in 21 days and c++ for dummies) and look around wormux code, and finally playing it in order to find more bugs.

I’ve also translated KSlackCheck into bosnian (deprecated.it/kslackcheck/) which is truly something slackware needs. Talking about slackware, by my some guess, and it should be that way by “regular procedure” slackware 11 should be out next month. I’m really fine with this distro, I cant bother, but realy “up to date” system would really help. So except finally moving to 2.6.x kernel I just hope it introduces “up-to-date” system. I know I know, there’s slapt-get and swaret and there kslackcheck but I just want something that’s official. If this doesnt happen however fsck it.

Hosting business is moving slowly but surely. Google check should be delivered
around 15th, and I’ll just go and pay all that money plus our money to pay the server for whole year or so. See how the project goes in that one year and that’s it.

You know sometimes at times like this, I really wonder what I’ll do out of my life.
Sys. Admin? Programming? Other? BTW this things have went into my head so badly that I woke up this morning at 4AM cuz I had a “disturing IRC dream”.

Yea …