I was ready to go to sleep so I was switching the channels when I bumped onto CNN and “Bill gates to Leave Daily Role” I jumped up and started searching the net.

Apparently “This was a hard decision for me” Billy wont flee from Microsoft, but over next to years until 2008 he should leave all his current “duties” at Microsoft. With Windows XP and IE6 being old some ~5years he figured out that he’s really getting old. Or maybe he has realized that Google will replace Microsoft’s wealth, and that OpenSource will after all.

I’m not saying his something special, but he definitely has some tricky cards up in his sleeve for more info watch “Pirates of Silicon Valley”.

Will who’s 50 now, will move on and try to deal with his charity organization, after all he has done to all the people of this world he figured to help the world now? He’s still going to burn, no matter what he does.

I’ll make more updates on this topic I’m just too excited right now :)

Official announcement from Microsoft:

Gates to Leave Microsoft, What Does it Mean?

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