Well, I had stories with beryl/compiz 3g desktop in general, just go on and search blog if you wanna. Anyways, last time I used compiz-fusion was sometime in late October 2007, I was just devastated with its bugs, so I removed it. Same happened with all of my previous 3d desktop experience.

This was performed on Debian Lenny/Testing, KDE 3.5.8, on Intel 945GM

So I installed it yesterday, my first impression was … well this is getting better. I mean I just had feeling that it just wont crash and explode :) That’s the kind of feeling I had before. Many bugs were fixed, but still … there was a lot of … well problems. Which I’m just too lazy to go over right now. Since compiz-fusion is in Debian Lenny/testing respiratory, that’s the one I was using, anyways, this is what I suggest.

Use “shames” compiz-fusion resp, I also tried his “unstable” compiz-fusion resp, but it was just too much for me, but the one from testing … absolutely beautiful. So add his resp. to your sources.list

deb http://download.tuxfamily.org/shames/debian-lenny/desktopfx/unstable/ ./

About the gpg key just:

wget http://download.tuxfamily.org/shames/A42A6CF5.gpg -O- | apt-key add –

Install all there is from compiz in your synaptic/aptitude/whatever, also “fusion-icon”.
I’m on Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/940GML Express Integrated Graphics, and just used that same driver, I tried altering it when I bumped into problem’s I’ll mention later, but there’s really no need for doing so.

Ok, starting with problems, there was actually only two, actually three major ones, everything else is just minor. First, when I would play video I would only see black screen. Second when running Java written applications, content of those applications won’t show (which is a pretty much known thing since time of beryl). And third, for some reason when I pull down/up yakuake, whole X just crashes … weird.

First off, my favorite video player is “Kaffeine/Xine”, so to be able to see your videos, do this:

Run Xine > Go to File –> Configure –> Preferences, there select (experience_level), Master Of The Known Universe > open video tab > driver set “xshm”, restart xine.

This will work for Kaffeine, Xine and Totem. Yea, you may notice some minor difference in video quality, for example on perfect quality videos edges might be “pixely” But that’s really not a problem at all.

Next problem is Java, simple:

Add AWT_TOOLKIT=”MToolkit” to /etc/enviroment and to /etc/profiles (last line) and restart.

Yakuake? That one I haven’t figured, just didn’t bother and switched back to standard konsole :)

And here’s some show off :)

Final words, or as some like to call it conclusion would be that, Compiz-Fusion has got better, so much better then I’ll keep it and use it daily on my “default notebook”. Some may call it just show off or something, but going back to normal windows and all that … it’s just too boring. I spend whole day sitting on my computer, I’m not saying it’s no fan, but … hey, if nothing it looks cool. Full stop.