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Here’s something something I did just recently :)
I just had it inside of my head for too long. Been thinking about it from every aspect of our everyday life. One day I wake up, and said “let’s do this”

Nov 4. 2008 Edit

Over night people just started coming from somewhere and viewing this video, so last time I check it was somewhere on ~10.000 views, and over night it’s ~25.000 views I really don’t know where they are coming from … but yea.

Also a friend of mine just told me that he bumped on the image of the tattoo on StumbleUpon. Also here are the images, I digged some old images laying around on server … forgotten

If some of you wonder why I changed the font, the tattoo artist to choose some completely “non-antialising” font so it won’t get blurry later on. It has been almost a year after and the thing is looking awesome :)

P.S: Thanks to Chimaira this is v2.0 of Linux/Unix sex video :)