Sony Ericsson W810i on linux (Slackware)

December 12, 2006 – 6:50 pm by Adnan Hodzic

There was always this problem on Slackware, usually you could only work with USB at the time.

I never cared about this, but since I have this Sony Ericsson W810i, and I’m on Slackware, which doesn’t even read one USB slot without you adding it. So I added one, to use it for my memory stick, but then when I plugged in my phone, which is ought to read phone memory and its memory card memory, it would only read phone memory.

I had no idea how to solve this, I was especially confused because my disk is read as sda1, so I figured my USB will be marked as sdb1, sdb2, etc… But no, they should be read as sdb1, sdc1, sdd1 and etc…

So today I piss out, and figure out to do it, more cuz of a challenge, rather then cuz I really needed to alter files on my Walkman.

So what I did, Googled a bit, of course didn’t find anything. So I figured why not, add those dev letters (/dev/sdb1, /dev/sdc1, /dev/sdd1) to my fstab, which I did and added them to /mnt/sdbc1 /mnt/sdd1 as that. Changed permissions, and hey it worked! So I added all 4, and they all worked, hardcore USB orgy Smile


All present disks in action Smile

This is all cool and all cuz I still need to mount and umount and edit/copy/move etc… file via the console, cuz in GUI it doesn’t really work … I don’t mind, some people might, I tried looking at Mandriva’s fstab, and it really didn’t help at all, it didn’t have one single USB. entry. But I’m not sure if I’ll even look how to do it, since I like the manual and console way better then completely GUI way Smile

How mount/umount/edit/add/remove/etc… looks like (for now Smile

  • Anonymous

    Having the /dev/sd*1 entries in your fstab is handy for playing with unknown / new USB devices, but if you’re using udev, try looking under /dev/disk/by-id/* for your phone. The by-id directory has a bunch of symlinks which dynamically point to the correct /dev/sd* entry no matter what order you plug your devices in. — an ex-Slackware user

  • AbsintheSyringe

    This way it also really doesnt matter in which entry you plug in the cord.

    It’s just matter of which one you mount first. I forgot to add that later on I installed dbus and HAL to have it working in GUI. Works great Smile

  • Anonymous

    the memory stik default it’s a raw format
    so format the ms fat32 end resolve the problem

  • Anonymous

    raw or fat not fat32

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Yea, that’s an awesome idea, I’ll try it as soon as I got time, I think you’re really right Grin

    I did mention something about cards speed on

    Well I’ll make it a new post once I have tested from fat to fat32 …

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Ok I just did this, card was on FAT, when I formatted it with FAT32 nothing happened. I really didnt really notice any speed change …

    So it looks like filesystem that is on the card doesnt really matter …