June 8, 2006 – 15:37 by Adnan Hodzic

udev is evil.

Pretty long time ago, my kernel was compiled just to make my usb devices working. It worked fine, until the other day they stopped working again. I mean it’s weird sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

So anyways instead of just doing the kernel again, I just did something with udev. My udev was 064 and just today I heard that it tends to have problems on 2.6 kernels. So I cant remember what I’ve did, or I upgraded to 064 udev or … nevermind. My udev didnt work again, sh /etc/rc.d/rc.udev restart, my machine’s pretty weird so I need to reboot my machine to get it started.

Today, when I wanted to use my usb stick I figured it doesnt work. So, ok, slackware guys gave me this interesting link about udev 091 and bunch of other things. I didnt read the whole README so I just installed 091 whichi will not work unless you install the other 3 thingies! So I couldnt even boot into my system. Nice.

I dont know why, but I didnt get too excitet, I just slowly but surely wanted to solve the poblem. I didnt think oh I’ll have to reinstall or something like that thoughts. So instead of I booted out of CD, with few 2boots I had problems which meant I didnt do something right cuz I still couldnt boot into my system.

Anyways 3rd time it went perfectly fine, I removed the 091, rebooted. My usb still doesnt work… In the mean time I isntalled 071 (from slackware current) my usb still didnt work. Later on I figured I made a pretty bad conflict between those two.

So removed 064 installed 071 and damn the thing is working now. I just wonder for how long, this thing is … evil.

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