Codename Gran Paradiso

March 1, 2007 – 16:39 by Adnan Hodzic

This is my first look on Firefox 3.0a1 codename Gran Paradiso

First time I heard about Firefox 3.x, after seeing what 2.0 looks like, I said I’ll just pass. But once I heard that Mozilla team is stopping their development on 2.0 and moving on to 3.0 right away, I thought I’d give it a go.

Firefox 2.0 was the most absurd release to me, first was there any other reason to a new release other then that Internet Explorer had a new release coming up (after what? 6-7 years?) Internet Explorer 7, Opera panicked, Mozilla panicked. Opera screws up, Mozilla screws up. Is there a reason, you really need to release a new version of your browser, just because Microsoft is doing it?

I’m still on 1.5.x, I just cant allow a browser to piss me off as much as 2.0 does.

First thing I noticed is that GTK-QT-Engine, didn’t pick up on Firefox3, or Firefox3 didn’t pick on GTK-QT-Engine. Firefox 3.0 looks just like Firefox 2.0, which is always the same with codenames, so expect new look 3.0 final comes out.

Stablity well I definitely wont post this post fast, but once FF3.0 has proved itself, so far it’s stable.

It looks like Firefox3.0 wont pass Acid2 test, as it looks now, and as far as I can remember it looks just the same in FF2.0. Acid2 comparison between Firefox3.0a and Konqueror

Talking about weird things, out of nowhere, FF3.0 wanted to get me a Adobe Acrobat Reader, even tho I don’t use the same one. Even better it wanted to get it once viewing blogger site :)

Well since I really don’t have anything much to say, Gran Paradiso is Firefox 2 BE (better edition). Btw if anyone knows, please let me know why was Firefox 2.0 needed?

Now back to my Firefox 1.5.x

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