Google OS? No Google Pack.

June 22, 2006

I decided to see what’s up new on google. When I found they released something, which is

Pack itself

I really can’t rate this move to be a good one, unless you’re a complete “Google Freak” and there’s a lot of Google freaks for your info. Google pack installs its interesting software on your machine (mostly their pieces). Besides all that it also installs a spyware and virus program (Ad-adware and Norton Antivirus). Application basically freezes if you press “pause” button if you want to stop applications from downloading. Which is ok, since Google Pack is still under beta development.

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Opera 9 hardcore fan

June 21, 2006

I’m calling myself to be a hardcore Opera fan.

I’ve been using it since version 6. What amazed me back then on dial-up was that it was fast, really fast. That’s how Opera got to me. So after all these years Opera is actually letting me down.

Then over the years, it’s getting better and better. More and more things you needed are added. This happened with long awaited version 9. For someone that’s using this browser for the first time, but had any experience with browsers such as firefox they’ll say it’s awesome, it’s wonderful. That’s the problem if I wanted to I would be using Firefox not Opera. I want Opera, I don’t want Firefox. There are just too many things that are firefox alike, without a need IMHO.

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Xeon vs Opteron and Linux vs Windows

June 13, 2006

First fight Xeon vs Opteron

I actually had a server running on Opteron, I’m prolly lying but I think it was dual. Anyways, if someone would actually ask you what is this servers platfrom you would have to push that AMD Opteron out of your mouth.

Now to say it right in the begining I’m not AMD fan at all, but neverthless. Intel has announced that its new server chip named “Tulsa” for now more info on:

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