School started …

October 5, 2007

School = university, started. This was my first week, for those who didn’t know I transfered from old shitty university to the new one (really expensive, so that’s the reason I (am and I will be) busy, and pretty much (I think) blog absent.

If you ask me, everything in IT world at this moment kind of stopped … so there’s really nothing to write about. All I’m waiting for released of Sony Ericsson W960 … talking about phones I should write a new “top mobile games” post, New York Nights successor Miami Nights has been released. Besides that I got my hands on Metal Slug, Resident Evil … so on.aiting for Firefox 3.0 (which I got my hands while in alpha) and KDE 4.0. KDE 4, I’ll post a post about this tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

So that’s all folks, here’s some of the screens of what I’m actually doing during class :)

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Eyeglasses vs Contact lenses from geek point of view

September 20, 2007

This is just my opinion, all you Slackware users … just stick to glasses and skip this post :)

Losing my eyesight … well I’d say it started some 2 years ago, I just didn’t pay too much attention to it. I go see a Ophthalmologists (let’s call him an eye doctor from now on), he gives me my diopter , I go to the first store and get my eyeglasses, note my first virgin eyeglasses.

Also please note that when I was getting them (my frames), my comment on which pair do I like was: “I don’t give a fuck” So I got my pair, also please note that there aren’t any normal eyeglasses frames nowdays! I wasn’t looking anything … “extravagant” I was just looking for a normal eyeglasses frame. Geeky ones were stolen by Emo population. Really geeky ones were just … your grandfather style of glasses were the only normal choice if you wanted normal frames. So this is the most “normal” frame I think I could pick.

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Slackware to Debian switch, final?

September 17, 2007

This is going to be a rather long post, so I suggest you go get yourself a cup of coffee/beer/cigarette’s or whatever your fix is.

Last year, since I got this new notebook, I pretty much became a real distro slut. It was pretty much all because of the bleeding edge hardware you had and bleeding edge software that was around, Fedora … Mandriva. Don’t get me wrong, Slackware (any distro) can do those things too, but it’s just … to much pain in the ass.

Long story short, I always returned home, to Slackware that is. Now I think that may not be the case, since I’m already on Debian for a month now, and it’s not annoying me at all. My previous Debian experiences were mostly server based, whole philosophy was something close to reading Nietzsche, but once you got it figured … you like it, a lot :)

Of course, this was all caused by “domino effect” that was generated for almost a year, then plus DebConf experience … plus Slackware and Debian development differences … and lot more.

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WTF is what the fuck?

September 15, 2007

I haven’t posted anything in 20 days (only, I really though ages passed …)

I was kind of in a … havoc; So in those 20 days, right I just realized that I just might have interesting life … I mean, well first after years of Slackware, I think I definitely switched to Debian. That has been put into drafts, I’m writing about it, also I switched from glasses to lenses, that is also one nice draft over there, (see the pattern? Debian, lenses … getting bling bling. Yes, I am growing a vagina)

Oh yes, almost forgot, Adnan Hodzic, almost killed his alter ego AbsintheSyringe, that bastard. That was an interesting trip, I guess I could write about that too, for most part, when was the last time you tried moving your inbox from few mb to maybe few gb’s? Graphical tools, such as Thunderbird (IceDove), Kmail, definitely fail in backing up those.

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Slackware 12.0 + ipw3945

August 5, 2007

I still see these questions being asked, so let’s solve it once for all.

Mount Slackware 12 dvd, go to /extras, copy intel-wlan-ipw3945 somewhere on your disk. Or if you don’t have Slackware 12 dvd, just get it off the web.

Version of kernel of this and that, it doesn’t matter, for example I did this on

Remove ieee80211. If not, just remove while installing/upgrading new ieee80211

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