Slackware 12.0 + ipw3945

August 5, 2007

I still see these questions being asked, so let’s solve it once for all.

Mount Slackware 12 dvd, go to /extras, copy intel-wlan-ipw3945 somewhere on your disk. Or if you don’t have Slackware 12 dvd, just get it off the web.

Version of kernel of this and that, it doesn’t matter, for example I did this on

Remove ieee80211. If not, just remove while installing/upgrading new ieee80211

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DebConf7 Summary

July 2, 2007

DebConf7 ended a week ago or something, and yes I needed this long to … just “compile” it so eventually at least something comes out of all of this. Number of pictures is just … there’s too many so I’ll just put the most significant ones (the ones I thought are the most significant). I’ll put gomze’s pictures, even tho wherever I looked he didn’t put my pictures. You hear that you arse! >_<> because on that day there was a direct filght from Pula to Edinburgh.

From 7am … approximately 10hours in bus to get to Pula, from Pula to Edinburgh somewhat less then 3hours. I told gomez right back in Tuzla, that I was a major jinx, but I really didn’t expect it to go that far :)

And off we go, I kept on drinking apple juice, from all the hangover from last night, good think that happened is that I realize that bus toilet was closed cuz it was broken or something. So every time bus would stop to pick more people or whatever I was the lunatic running around looking for bathroom. However over time I got better, that’s the time when whole bus is listening to my story and laughing their asses out.

gomez was of course making new female friends in the mean time :)

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