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March 11, 2008

You wanted you, you got it :)

After I really let the users/readers/visitors that is you decide if you want forum or not, after posting a poll, you voted 64% yes.

To be honest with you, I wanted forum too, I’m actually lacking places I can have any sort of “intellectual” dicussion/talk. Or any other dicussion in global. This poll has been posted here for almost a month, since I saw you’ll (we’ll) most prolly end up having a forum I started working on it.

This is not my first or second, but one of in many forum implentations, and I’m so happy with the results that I think it’s one of the best ones so far. I really put a lot of “love” into it. And again led by “simplicy is divine” this is what I came up with it. Based on SMF it’s most prolly one of the safest and fastest forums out there.  I editted … a lot, for the looks I also used PixelSlot‘s blackedr theme, which I also editted to my needs.

In the end I ended up with such a great product, that I won’t even have to “push” it to trough various “betas” and such. Also, this forum works fully on your phone through regular GPRS.

There, now all I can wish for is to gather nice community and make something out of it. Enjoy, as as I enjoyed making it ;)


March 10, 2008

Here’s a quick update just so you think I’m not doing anything.

A week ago I got my Sony Ericsson W960i it’s a complete beast so I’m still trying to tame it :)  I’ll post a video of it and it’s capabilites and features in shortest period. Second hosting has been upgraded, so lots of space, and from now on emails you get here, will be 1gb.

Besides that all, I’m working on  putting up the forum, because as I see it, you wanted forum so you’ll get it :)

There, little something, so you know what’s/something’s happening ;)

Death Metal

March 4, 2008

Anyways, after seeing numerous YouTube to whatever comments something along the line “do all dreadlock guy have to listen to this death metal emo shit” or something very similiar to that. This morning I got a shout on that I just couldn’t go by. I won’t releaved this guys personal data but what he said in my shoutbox is: ” do you ever listen to happy music?”

What’s happy music? Hm, ok let’s see what is he listening to CKY and Placebo … yea. What is CKY? All I know if it wasn’t for Bam Margera this band wouldn’t see the daylight. Second Placebo … I seriously won’t comment this.

Now, you can turn down and mock emo, I don’t give a shit about them, but don’t get me involved. I really think that I’m a nice guy, but I wasn’t always nice, so please don’t bring that other me with this crap.

Why? Well here’s why. People who say this shit, listen to MTV or whatever is given to them. Ok what the fuck do you listen to your whole life? “You love me, I don’t love you” bla bla, or it has to be something related to love. Ok, people but some of us really have other problems in life, that is other then love. Ok let’s listen to Hip Hop/Rap/Whatever. WTF do you sing about, feeding your huge fucking ego with some bullshit how you got five cars, five wives, five houses, who da fuck gives a fuck about that?

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Codename: peacenow

March 1, 2008

Ok so here’s why I haven’t talked about anything for last 3+ weeks.

I usually bring my notebook to university, those who don’t know what linux really is, come up and wanna see how it all actually looks like. Of course it’s all great comments (which are usually because of the looks … compiz-fusion) but I got few bad ones (at least in my book they are bad ones) some of them who see it booting, asked me does it need to boot that long everytime?

Of course, you tell them it’s mostly because it has bunch of stuff on it, along the “normal” system web server/apache and database server/mysql will come up as well. But just three weeks ago after getting my second “why does it take so long too boot” … that was it, I had to do something. And besides that, I’d just like to add that, back on Slackware I used to use ResierFS, then on Debian after some time, my root partition died on Reiser … Yea after that I just went for “safe” solution that is go for ext3 as my default filesystem.

Ok, as I knew it before, ext3 is really not that fast, actually it’s pretty slow. But it’s all good except that every time I’m booting my system, I’m mostly in hurry all I hope is that I see that it won’t see “didn’t check filesystem in X days” message or whatever, and going over that whole process. That seriously pisses me off. And keeping your computer on hibernate all the time … that’s just not it.

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Vmware working, not working after reboot – Debian Lenny/Testing

February 20, 2008

Vmware is always giving me hard time. Just a recent one not working on 2.6.22.x kernels, now … mayhem. I did turn my whole system up and down, last week, in one week I went over all desktop enviroments for Linux, at least all of the “mainstream” ones.

Back to the topic, I would install it, I even followed my own instructions, but no help.  What the thing would do is that after configuring it, and it all works just fine, after eventual reboot, it would say it needs to be configured again. Man was this annoying.

Some said, update to latest version, others said this and that. In the end I just said I’ll sleep on it and fix it in the morning :) So, for the fact I knew “not_configured” that was pulling out those same message to configure it over and over again.

Ok, configuring it after each reboot, well that could work for some. Removing that same not_configured actually works too. I don’t know how smart or good it is, but what I know is that it’s leaving me alone, at least for another month or so. Knowing vmware, it neverstops :)

Removing it every single time can be annoying too, so just add “rm /etc/vmware/not_configured” line to your  “/etc/rc.local” and yea … that’s it.