I didn’t even want a better computer from my last Toshiba Satellite, but I just started being frustrated while compiling certain things. It would and it was taking too much time. Since I changed almost everything except CPU on that computer, I thought of changing CPU too.

So after all that, I came up on a idea of just getting a new computer instead. I even and almost got Fujitsu Siemens. But I hated that Fujitsu name, and all I could relate them to is problems. My old Toshiba has been through everything, from dropping it, spilling stuff on it, this and that, it went through hell.

So I order this Fujitsu Siemens, really great computer, Core Duo, that was a must have. Ordered it, no one ever called me, the girl that worked there just kept looking at me, and on that same minute I figured I was talking to the wall.

So I say fsck it all, I’m gonna get a new Satellite even tho Toshiba costs more, but it’s definitely work it. I went to the this companies HQ, to get the model I wanted right away. He was pretty confused, asking me what was I doing there, and I said I want a computer, and he was like you cant get a computer here, go to their stores. I freak out, and tell him, I ordered HDD from you once, no one ever called me.

I ordered a computer from you, no one ever called me, that’s why I’m here, here’s the cash just give me the freaking computer. So he gives me his phone number and tells me to go to their nearest and most equipped store.

I go there, they don’t have my model and it costs exactly 1300euros.

Core Duo (Yonah) T2400 1.83GHz
512 MB DDR2 (upgraded to 2GB)
128MB Intel 945GM graphics
Same 945GM chipset
Ipw3945 and bunch of other stuff.

So I tell him, ok give me the computer, so the sales guy says we dont have it.


Preinstalled Windows Home Edition, and what is the first you do? …. You may guess :)

Computer itself is really pretty and slick. Cooling system is done perfectly, there is one active cooler below, which takes fresh/cool air from the bottom and pushes it out on the side. Which is in my opinion done flawlessly. First think I noticed is the keys of course.

Insert (Ins) and Delete (Del) are moved on the top of the keyboard. Weird. Second touchpad is weird as hell, it’s so well blended with the design, that I really get confused with right left button, and touchpad itself. But it’s control is just great.

Third thing I really didn’t like is that, there were no volume control buttons or anything. It’s all integrated into a up and down button. So you control your volume by pressing Fn + Up/Down. Same with the buttons on the top of the keyboard. But as I thought this wont very well work or at work at all on linux. Which didn’t work on linux, but … for now :)

So those were pretty much all the adjustments I had to get used to. Besides that all worked just great. First surprise was that boot took only around 15-20seconds. Second thing that surprised me is that, on my old computer it took around 20+ minutes to compile wormux. With “make” it took me 2:34 to compile! When using “make -j2” (made for pretty much multicore processors) it took 1:16. Same with “make -j3”. But with “cmake” it took only 36seconds!

I mean this couldn’t be any better, not only that compilation time is reduced from 20minuts to 1 minute, but from minutes to seconds.

That told me everything, no need to do additional tests :) Last test was done yesterday, when I called me gamer friend to bring me the most hardware depended game. He brought me “Half-Life 2” Not only that the game is running extremely smooth, but that the game … no comment.

Now here’s few screenshots just for showoff, with Mandriva 2007.0, KDE 3.5.4, XGL