Blackbook vs Macbook Pro

June 11, 2006

This is definetely going to be my next computer, by looking at it, it’s defintely going to bee good on performance too. Over this weekend my sister wants to get a computer, so I was thinking why not mac mini or something. Until I actually figured out, and now I really dont like Apple products at all.

Once my friend and I talked it over and discussed their philosophy they make feel sick. I mean I’ll just cut the mac story here cuz I’ve got a lot to say and this is not the right ocassion.

The notebook I’m writing this is Toshiba, and the guy that designed the next computer, definitely seems way way better then any mac out there. As it says on his page Toshiba is already the client, there’s a lot more to it, but I haven’t seen a better looking piece … Author is Jaren Goh, and I’m definitely a fan from now on. His website is:

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udev is evil

June 8, 2006

udev is evil.

Pretty long time ago, my kernel was compiled just to make my usb devices working. It worked fine, until the other day they stopped working again. I mean it’s weird sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

So anyways instead of just doing the kernel again, I just did something with udev. My udev was 064 and just today I heard that it tends to have problems on 2.6 kernels. So I cant remember what I’ve did, or I upgraded to 064 udev or … nevermind. My udev didn’t work again, sh /etc/rc.d/rc.udev restart, my machine’s pretty weird so I need to reboot my machine to get it started.

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Dropline Gnome

June 7, 2006

Now I’ll say something some of you know about.

This was a pretty crazy weekend, on friday I went to see Carmina Burana (with my GF) piece and man it was great, correction, awesome, ahh it was just …. :D Anyways it all started on saturday … the day after that great friday …

Let’s say I was in a “transition” between I don’t know what … I had a completely twisted picture of what’s going around me. And on that day I had a pretty bad hangover. So I couldn’t find the latest KDE 3.5.3 nicely packaged for Slackware, my KDE 3.5.2 which I had wasn’t so nicely packaged.

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My blog?

May 30, 2006

Until few days ago I was completely against blogs. I just dont like them, but then I started thinking and figuring out that I too need a blog. I’ve never been shorter on time, to create a cool looking flash site. So this should be enough for now at least.

Maybe stupid first post but still, you should find a lot of interesting stuff, from linux to other computer “tweaks” to my every day life …

I still may transfer this blog to my own host but still, for now this is fine …