August 28, 2009 – 1:10 am by Adnan Hodzic

Just a quick note to everybody, after post "Debian Start!" (thank you for all your feedback!) I've decided to definitely continue my work on this little "project". Just so you know, besides you can find it on from now on ;) I still have a lot of ideas to realize when it comes to this project, so feel free to expect changes soon. Ana thanks for the subdomain :)

Debian Start!

August 25, 2009 – 10:21 pm by Adnan Hodzic

Notice! For last 2 days now, I was in middle of process of moving to a new (faster) server, without any prior notice my web hosting company simply initialized the "move". Being jinx I am, it was just then that I posted this, so I'm really sorry for all the inconvenience, it really wasn't my fault: 1. post was unavailable for couple of hours 2. two same posts on the planet For some time now I’ve been bothered by Iceweasel’s default start page in Debian, and I just refused to use “Firefox Start“. So why not be the one who will change something about it And after such “boost” from DC9, I had to do something, immediately. Well there’s nothing much to say, except I hope you like it Therefor I present you with Debian Start! I “tailored” it to work with Epiphany and Iceweasel/Firefox; Konqueror, Opera, Chrome don’t render it ...

Hello Planet Debian!

August 21, 2009 – 5:14 pm by Adnan Hodzic

I'm really not good in introducing myself, but I'll give my best since this is my introduction post for Planet Debian :D I'm Adnan Hodzic (AbsintheSyringe) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, for those who attended DebConf9 I'm the "Bosnian bid" guy :) I've been around GNU/Linux itself for some 10 years now, I've been using many distributions and following many visions over the years, and in my case, what became a most important thing of one distribution was "environment" in which that distribution is being developed. I really enjoy Debian developers company and way Debian is being developed, even though I believe some things could be changed, and thus reason why I'm here :P Sorry it took me this long for my spine to take debian swirl shape, but I was on a daunting quest :) Last couple of years I've been involved in Debian as a contributor, but I really hope that I'll ...

DebConf9 Cáceres summary (uncut)

August 19, 2009 – 4:36 am by Adnan Hodzic

If you get to write a DebConf9 cover story for a magazine (for money) + after conference you end up in London with your gf + ... We'll I guess that's enough of a reason to conclude why I haven't wrote anything in 3 weeks after conference's end :) Besides all that, this DebConf left such a great impact on me, that I'm still going through all my impressions. Even though I didn't mention anything here or anywhere really, I had big plans ;) Either way I attended this years annual Debian developer conference from 23th to 31rd of July, which was held in Cáceres, Extramadura, Spain. Getting to Cáceres My route was following: Zagreb > Stuttgart > Madrid > Cáceres; Even while still in Zagreb, I "bumped" into Bosnian most famous rapper "Edo Maajka", so trip started just fine :) Stuttgart didn't go bad itself either, except they asked me couple of weird ...

Sony Ericsson w960 touchscreen not working; DIY

April 30, 2009 – 4:46 pm by Adnan Hodzic

I'm completely out of time, but I gotta tell you about this one. My touchscreen adventures with w960 As I remember I got w960 in February last year. I really take great care of this phone, but touchscreen stopped working twice already in this as some might say short period of time. I'm one of them btw. First time it stopped working I was sitting in a chair which FYI was incredibly low, I dropped out of my hand, it hit the floor (with some sort of rug on it). My colleague at the time is driving us home from work, rain is ... ballistic, insane trash containers are on the streets, aaah mayhem! I grab my phone to take few pictures or something, touchscreen is not reacting ... I restart it, it's still not working. We're going through this lake, car is about to stop running. Ok now I hard restart, nah still ...